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CEO of Hadasit Bio-Holdings Interviewed by Bio Tuesdays.com

Chief Executive Officer Ophir Shahaf

Our physicians are "hands-on, world-renowned professionals who work with patients, and when they do their R & D (research and development), they are much more focused to create solutions for the problems they encounter on a daily basis," Chief Executive Officer Ophir Shahaf of Hadasit Bio-Holdings, the technology transfer financing arm of the Hadassah University Medical Center, told BioTuesdays.com in an April 17 interview.

"While the ownership of hospitals in Israel is often shared by municipalities, the Ministry of Health, and private institutions," Mr. Shahaf explained, "Hadassah Hospital is privately owned by the Hadassah Women's Zionist Organization of America." Expanding on his explanation, Mr. Shahaf noted that "The 100-year-old group established two university hospitals--one on Mount Scopus in 1939 and another at Ein Kerem in 1961, which now boasts a medical and biotech campus of 28 buildings. The Hadassah Medical Center is now the country's third largest hospital group in terms of beds. It also accounts for 52% of applied biotech research in Israel, generating over 50 new patent families a year."

Date: 5/15/2012
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