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Hadassah Anesthesiologists Go The Extra Mile

External Anesthesia

What do you do when a patient needs surgery but is afraid and refuses to go to the hospital? Hospitals often tell the patient to come another time, or to try other hospitals. Not at Hadassah! The attached pictures were taken from my office window earlier this week. A terrified woman who needed a dental operation under anesthesia couldn't step out of the car and walk through the hospital door. She was hysterical and screaming.

Prof. Alex Avidan, senior anesthesiologist, and Prof. Eliezer Kauffman, director of dental anesthesia, went out to Ben Gurion Square with all the required equipment and a few medical students. They waited by the woman's car until she calmed down a little, then gave her a shot inside her car and monitored her as she slipped into unconsciousness. Next, they took her out of the car, put her on a gurney, covered her with a blanket, and took her into the OR. When she woke up, she was already in the recovery room.

Ron Krumer
Director, External Relations
Hadassah Medical Organization

Date: 11/21/2012
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