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Grateful Patients Praise Hadassah Medical Organization

Whether it is from a pregnant woman needing to spend part of her pregnancy as an inpatient or a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy, the Hadassah University Medical Center receives letters of appreciation on a daily basis.  

“When I was pregnant, I was admitted for observation to Maternity B at Hadassah Hospital-Mount Scopus for 10 days. I met a kind, professional, calm, attentive, and practical nursing team, who gave an immediate response to every question or request. I don't think one can overemphasize the importance of the above-mentioned qualities in a situation where a pregnant woman has to spend part of her pregnancy in a hospital under close observation. Yasher coach  (Congratulations) to all the staff and especially each and every nurse who literally escorted me on Maternity B.”--L.S.


“I would like to thank the entire team at the oncology day care center for outstanding work, their devotion to the patients, and all the good things that happened there to my sister during a very long and difficult cycle of chemotherapy. She received excellent treatment, and I will not mention names in order not to miss anyone. But Dr. David Edelman deserves a special huge thank you for bringing her to believe again that there was still hope, and that she was not going to die within four months as she was told in another hospital. It was a very difficult year for us--treatments and repeated travel from northern Israel to Jerusalem and back. I am proud for you that you have such a dedicated team. I am so happy that you gave me my sister back--with a major remission in her condition and normal-level markers.”—M.S.

Date: 12/11/2012
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