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Leading Israeli Health Reporters Feature Hadassah

Two of Israel's leading health reporters chose interesting angles to their year-end articles. Hadassah is the only Israeli hospital they mention.

Sarit Rosenbloom of "Yedi'ot Acharonot" listed her choice of the ten most important medical developments in 2012. Two of them came from Hadassah, the only Israeli hospital represented. The list included – The development of new generation of medications for obesity; publication of new warnings regarding side affects of Statins as an effective medication to lower Cholesterol; no breakthrough in cancer treatment this year; the appearance of a new lethal SARS like virus – Corona; the upcoming reform in the regulation of mental health services in Israel; the case of the leaking silicon grafts for breast plastic surgeries; development of a female condom; development of an artificial nose with breathing abilities; ALS clinical trial at Hadassah and a Hadassah research that showed a sharp decline in the fertility of Israeli men sperm.

Dan Even of Ha'aretz described 2012 as "the year of stem cells", and listed several recently published research projects in the USA and Japan together with Hadassah researchers who were the first in the world to be able earlier this year to produce stem cells based on human tissues only with no animal originated components in them at all.

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Date: 1/10/2013
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