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“Complicated” Cardiac Patient Thanks Hadassah

Having been in and out of hospitals frequently, a cardiac patient wrote to thank the team at the Hadassah Medical Center for their "patience and so many smiles, not to mention professionalism and patient care."

"On Friday afternoon I arrived at the Hadassah Cardiac Unit with a diagnosis of myocardial infarction. Very quickly I was received by Prof. Ronen Beeri, who was relaxed, patient. He asked me a few questions and called Dr. Nassar to perform a catheterization. Immediately after the procedure, Prof. Beeri met with my wife and updated her on the medical details.

We appreciated very much the respect he treated her with, his patience while explaining my new unclear, frightening situation that we all live with now.

The next four days I spent in that unit were a source of light for me. I am a complicated patient who has used the services of quite a few medical establishments. Never had I met such a pleasant atmosphere, so much patience, and so many smiles, not to mention professionalism and patient care. You are an outstanding team of doctors and nurses.

Please convey my thanks to each and every member of your team."
--S. Sh

Date: 3/6/2013
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