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Preserving Memory To Be Explored at Annual Women's Health Day Hosted by Hadassah’s Women’s Health Center

"Memory and Preservation" is the focus of this year's Women's Health Day sponsored by the Hadassah Medical Center's Patricia and Russell Fleischman Center for Women's Health at the Israel Museum. The Health Day features lectures, workshops, and activities, with specialists in the field, both from Hadassah and various medical organizations. Among the sub-topics are: "Memory Problems Among Seniors: Diagnosis and Treatment"; "Hormones and the Brain/Hormones and Memory"; and "Eating Healthy for a Healthy Memory: Nutrition and Memory Preservation."

The program also contains physical activity workshops—for example, exercises to strengthen one's feet and improve posture; movements specifically for those suffering with osteoporosis; pelvic floor strengthening; dance; and a workshop showcasing physical activity as a way to improve memory.

Participants will be treated to a tour of the Israel Museum's Herod Exhibit, along with a lecture by its curator and also have the opportunity to be guided through other museum exhibits as well.

Date: 5/8/2013
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