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National President Marcie Natan Visits Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Update: The death of former Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was announced today by Avigdor Kaplan, director general of Hadassah Medical Organization.

Read The New York Times obituary here>>
Read the Press Release here>>

National Hadassah President Marcie Natan visited former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel Ovadia Yosef and his family at Hadassah's hospital in Ein Kerem.

The 93-year-old rabbi has been receiving treatment at Hadassah Medical Organization for blood pressure problems, kidney function and heart rate, and is on a respirator that Prof. David Linton, a pilot as well as Director of Hadassah’s Medical Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Transport Unit, helped develop with the Hamilton Company in Reno, Nevada.

The Chief Rabbi’s daughter, Adina Bar Shalom, who is also the founder of the Haredi program at Hadassah Academic College, expressed her gratitude to the hospital and its staff. "At Hadassah," she said, "the doctors work as a team. No one is too condescending to consult with colleagues. They don't only do this for my father, a well-known patient, but for all the other patients, too. We are so grateful."

Compassionate, well-trained staff coupled with cutting-edge technology makes rehabilitative care at HMO world-class . Patients who suffer a stroke or traumatic brain injury, or have orthopedic or neuromuscular conditions, are among the primary beneficiaries of the multidisciplinary rehabilitation care at Mount Scopus.






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Date: 10/1/2013
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