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A Visit to the Hospital with Historical Ties

It's a vignette of Hadassah's long history intertwining with the development of the Jewish state: recently, Jacksonville Chapter President Leah Ben-Yehuda and her husband Rabbi Eliezer paid a visit to Hadassah Medical Organization on the day before the birthday of his famous great-great grandfather of the same name, who was the founder of the Modern Hebrew language's resurrection. It also happened to be the day after Hadassah Founder Henrietta Szold's birthday.

"My grandmother, the widow of my famous grandfather, and Henrietta Szold were friends," said Rabbi Ben-Yehuda. Leah Ben-Yehuda had an intensive tour of the campus, including the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower, the Bloomberg Mother and Child and the Swartz Center for Emergency Medicine. Visiting the new Ethel Herzstein Heritage Center, the interactive museum of Hadassah's illustrious past, Ben-Yehuda said, "This is the just the beginning," said Ben-Yehuda.

"We are looking forward to a new generation of Hadassah women bringing their energy and creativity to the project. "

Date: 12/23/2013
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