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Dining for Hadassah Potluck and Installation

Dining for Hadassah Potluck and Installation

The Lexington Kentucky Chapter held its installation on Sunday, January 19, in the social hall of the local synagogue. Dining for Hadassah is a fundraising concept where like - minded individuals come together for the purpose of sharing a meal and each other’s company for the price of a donation to their common cause. Hadassah Medical Organization was the installation’s cause and the minimum $18 donation paid by each attendee goes directly to HMO. The total raised for HMO exceeded $900, far beyond expectations. Based upon this success, the Lexington Kentucky chapter plans to hold additional Dining for Hadassah events soon to benefit other Hadassah projects.

The Board members provided tuna and egg salad as entrees, home- made challah and rye, and various condiments while attendees from A-M brought salad or side and N-Z brought dessert. A beautiful, colorful and tasty buffet was enjoyed by all.Drinks were provided by the chapter with a small contribution to the kitchen fund at the synagogue.

The program featured a DVD on HMO as the education component and an inspiring installation of the Executive Board by Central States Region President, Teri Junker, who spoke eloquently of how each officer makes an impact.

Chai Society and Choose Your Impact handouts were on every table. Additional Hadassah materials such as fact cards, the chapter’s book club schedule and fundraising opportunities such as Macy’s Gift Cards, Hadassah greeting cards and JNF were on display at the rear of the social hall. The chairs of the various opportunities were available for questions and purchases.

The chapter expects that similar programs will be easy to replicate. Moreover, Dining for Hadassah made an impression on the membership thereby ensuring attendance, making fundraising fun and informative and furthering the work of Hadassah with the funds raised.

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