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What's New?

The New Year 5772 is upon us. It's a time to reflect on the past year and a time to move forward with new energy and commitment.

One of Hadassah's ongoing goals is to keep our members informed in a way that was impossible before this digital age. Now our communications can be more timely, more thorough, and green in the bargain. Last year, we created hNews, our digital newsletter, to bring you updated information about new and exciting medical research, our projects here and in Israel, and strategic Hadassah decisions that affect members, and the Jewish community, nationally. Your response has been tremendous!

Starting now, you have access to more medical news, and information about Hadassah activities around the country, at your fingertips. We've created hMedicine, which carries more stories about our research and patient care than we can bring you in a newsletter. You can access it anytime on www.hadassah.org/hmedicine. We've also created hCoast-to-Coast, a report on region and chapter activities across the nation. It's a great resource for ideas and tips for your own group. Click on any of the story headlines below or visit www.hadassah.org/hCtoC on our website any time. And don't forget to visit us on facebook at www.facebook.com/hadassahorg.

Our commitment to you in 5772—our Centennial year!—is to keep you apprised of all that you accomplish with your support and caring. Shanah Tovah, Hag Sameah, Happy New Year to you and those you love.


Doubling the Capacity of the Pediatric ICU
The Hadassah University Medical Center is expanding its Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Read about two critically ill young children who were nurtured back to health in Hadassah's PICU and learn more about Hadassah's vision for the new unit.

Trip to the Zoo for Palestinian and Israeli Children
The Israel Defense Forces' Civil Administration and the Hadassah University Medical Center teamed up this summer to organize a trip to Jerusalem's Biblical zoo for Palestinian children and their families from the West Bank. Read and watch

Jewish-Arab Biomedical Initiative
Hadasit, the Hadassah University Medical Center's technology transfer company, has launched an incubator for joint Jewish-Arab biomedical ventures in northern Israel. Read the story >>

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Clinical Trial
Results of a clinical trial at the Hadassah University Medical Center indicate that Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) can be an effective treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when combined with exposure to trauma memory cues. Read the story >>

Saudi Arabian Newspaper Lauds Hadassah
The Saudi Arabian newspaper, Al-Watan (The Homeland), published an article about Israel's superiority in science and technology, and showcased the Hadassah's Bone Marrow Registry outreach to Arabs. Read the story >>

Read these stories and more on our
NEW website feature hMedicine >>


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Philanthropists Meet Hadassah
in Aspen

Karen Davidson hosted a special evening at her home August 4th to introduce a group of distinguished philanthropists to the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower.


Thin Threads Centennial Commemorative Book:Real Stories of Hadassah Life Changing Moments

Why is this book different from all other books?Because, all other books are read and put away; this book will be read, cherished, and passed on to future generations.

All other books deal with people and places we may never know, while this book tells the stories of Hadassah - our beloved organization.

Be part of history for our Centennial Celebration! Send us your Hadassah Thin Thread story. or download the flyer

"The great new Tower -best hospital in the whole mid-east and maybe the whole world!"

Elsa Stutman, Abington, Pennsylvania
from Facebook 9/6/2011
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New Year, New Understanding

For the Youth Aliyah students in the Joy of Judaism course, Hebrew is the beginning of their search for understanding their Jewish roots.


Aphasia Center Treats Communications Disorders

Hadassah College established the country's only center for severe aphasia, which leaves intelligence intact but impairs the ability to communicate.

Read more about the center >>

Centennial Convention Fact

Prices go up $150 on December 31. Celebrate in Israel like you've never celebrated before! Don't miss Hadassah's Celebration of the Century. October 15-18, 2012 in Jerusalem.
Register today >>

"This is a most interesting piece of information that should be shared with all who care about Hadassah. Shabbat Shalom"

Barbara Alfus Baum, facebook 8/26/2011
regarding the story Hadassah Is My Home
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Hadassah Co-sponsors UN Petition

Hadassah is co-sponsoring the Israel Action Network's online Petition Against a Unilaterally Declared Palestine. The petition calls upon the 193 Members of the United Nations to vote against endorsing a unilaterally declared Palestinian state and to promote the resumption of bilateral negotiations.

The petition has already garnered 65,000 signatures, with a goal of 100,000 by Monday, September 19th.

Click here to sign today! >>

Be part of it:Hadassah Magazine Centennial Issue

Add your name to honor Hadassah leaders and commemorate our Centennial Anniversary, in a magazine that will be cherished for decades.


A Private Dinner Party with John Malkovich

Hadassah Germany had the privilege of hosting a private charity dinner for 120 guests with internationally renowned star, John Malkovich.



Marcie Natan Updates Media on the New Tower
Hadassah's National President met with Israeli media to fill them in on progress at the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower in Ein Kerem. Read the story >>

New Insights into Genetic Disorders
Researchers in the U.S. and at Hadassah in Israel work to identify genetic disorders affecting Jewish populations Read the Jewish Daily Forward article >>

Men and Women: Celebrate Israel! Volunteer, learn and tour with Hadassah's WIN program.


Keepers: 15 Years Old and 4000 Strong
4000+ men and women are proud Keepers of the Gate. Keepers, whose symbol is a David's Harp, make an annual commitment to Hadassah. Commitments range from $1000 through $5000 for Golden Keepers of the Gate, and are payable monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. For information call 888.533.2980 or email keepers@hadassah.org

Take a 10-minute break each month to learn something new and to find out what women across the country are saying about "Esther Through the Lenses." Four sessions are online now and your journey can start at any time. Celebrating this New Year with Hadassah's sweet study—your online oasis awaits!

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Watch the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower grow into a Tower of Healing.

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