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Hadassah Announces
New Vision for Young Judaea

Young Judaea, the world's premiere Zionist youth movement, will launch as an independent organization. Hadassah has supported Young Judaea for more than 70 years, and has been its sole sponsor since 1967. Hadassah will continue to provide financial support, have board representation and work collaboratively with the pluralistic 102-year-old movement.

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Charlotte R. Bloomberg

At 102, Charlotte Bloomberg was, until her recent death, the oldest living Young Judaean. For all of us at Hadassah, her legacy will be the extraordinary Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother & Child Center at Hadassah Hospital, Ein Kerem.

Read More about Charlotte Bloomberg
and her dedication to Hadassah >>

Earlybird Special Extended for 2011 National Business Meeting!

Register now! Be there when we pass the torch of Hadassah leadership from our first century into the next.

But if you can't come to Las Vegas...Las Vegas will come to you
Our meeting will close with a dynamic multi-media presentation and the installation of Hadassah's 25th National President and National Officers. Join thousands of Hadassah members and supporters who will watch the excitement on the internet via live feed from Las Vegas. Watch at home, or organize your own "viewing party." Go to hadassah.org on Wednesday, July 13, 10:00am to 12 noon PDT, to share in the excitement.

Sarah Wetsman Davidson
Tower Update

Construction of the Tower continues at an amazing pace. Major new Tower gifts and pledges include contributions to name the Synagogue, the Resource Center and the Pharmacy.

See the progress of the Tower >>

The Future of Nursing in the
Changing Healthcare System

The American Nurses Association (ANA) commends the Institute of Medicine (IOM) for its report on the nursing profession, entitled 'Future of Nursing'. Hadassah's Task Force for Nursing is in alignment with the suggestions from the IOM report.

Read about the 'Future of Nursing'>>

Presenting to Students about Nursing
In 15 years, the students you talk to today will be taking care of your loved ones tomorrow. Be part of educating the next generation of nurses.

2011 Graduation Ceremony at Hadassah / Meir Shfeyah Youth Village. We are so proud of our students, many of whom are first generation high school graduates and wish them health, safety, happiness and success during their army service and in everything they do.

Lauren Stern Kedem
Meir Shfeyah Youth Village, Israel
6/17/2011 join the conversation

Obesity is "Shaping" our Children

In 2008, the US Surgeon General declared that overweight and obesity have reached epidemic proportions in this country. Over nine million children age six to19 are overweight. Physical inactivity and poor diet are catching up on our youth and posing a significant threat to health.


Hadassah Foundation Awards 2011 Presents Bernice S. Tannenbaum Prize

Danielle Cantor of Jewish Women International received the 2011 Bernice S. Tannenbaum Prize, which honors an emerging leader in the field of social change for women and girls, on June 14.


Hadassah Foundation Seeks
Proposals Hadassah Foundation is seeking proposals for social change projects to help women and girls in the US Jewish community. Learn more >>

Zion Gate, Old City of Jerusalem

17 Ramat Hadassah Szold students celebrate a shared bar/bat mitzvah ceremony. The story of one unforgettable day in Jerusalem, reported by Barbara Sofer, Hadassah Israel Director of Public Relations

Read Barbara Sofer's account >>

Sarah Drew plays Dr. April Kepner on Grey's Anatomy I told her she could join Hadassah. We're just leaving the ER where she tried her hand at robotic surgery.

Barbara Sofer, Jerusalem, Israel
Hadassah Israel Director of Public Relations
6/17/2011 join the conversation

Esther Through The Heroine Lens

Who was the heroine/hero of the Purim story? Megillat Esther has a number of strong, powerful characters. This study section focuses specifically Esther and Mordecai.

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Keepers Of The Gate Is
Rising To The Challenge!

Over 300 people have joined Keepers of the Gate or increased their annual giving level in our 2012 BY 2012 Challenge, and will be recognized at Hadassah's Centennial Convention in Jerusalem, October 2012. The names of those who have given annually for five years will grace the prestigious Keepers of the Gate pillars at Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem.

Find out more about the special
Centennial Keepers honor>>

6 Degrees of Scholarship or How a Gift Changed Fanny Korman's Life

In 1969 a 15-year old girl living in San Juan, Puerto Rico received a letter from her local Hadassah chapter. It said she had been awarded a full scholarship to an overnight camp in New York. Her life changed that day, forever.

Read about it >>

Q&A from our Planned
Giving & Estates Experts

Question: As I do every few years, I'm reading through my will, checking that it remains a reflection of my wishes. I plan to designate Hadassah as one of my beneficiaries, but I see my wording is ambiguous, and I want to be absolutely clear about my wishes. What's the recommended form?

Read the Answer >>

Be with us in Jerusalem for
Hadassah's Centennial Convention
October 15-18, 2012

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News from Hadassah Medical Organization

A Heritage of
Hope and Help

"I'm very proud of what we have built," said Charlotte R. Bloomberg at the 2007 dedication of the Mother & Child Center that bears her name.

The Medium and the Message
"For those of us who practice medicine, we have to wonder if the doctors who appear on the [movie] screen bear any resemblance to the doctors we know…"

TV stars visit Hadassah Hospital
Kevin Mckidd and Sarah Drew, who portray trauma surgeons on Grey's Anatomy, met with Hadassah's chief of Trauma Professor Avi Rivkind. They were joined by Lucas Neff and Shannon Woodward from Raising Hope and Gregory Smith and Travis Milne from Rookie Blue. Here you have real stars," McKidd said. "These people really save lives."

Howard Kaplan

Howard Kaplan, Past National President of the National Committee of Hadassah Associates, died June 19, 2011, at the age of 70. Long-time generous donors to Hadassah and supporters of Hadassah Medical Organization, Howard and his wife Marlene recently made their largest gift, in support of the IDF Center in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower in Ein Kerem.


Mazal Tov to Ramat Hadassah Szold Youth Village for being singled out to receive the Israel Education Prize, presented by the Israel Ministry of Education. This village is receiving recognition for enabling their students to reach their full potential and be integrated into Israeli society as fully productive citizens. The rise in the percentage of students who achieve matriculation certificates and are entering the IDF is heartening. Our partnership with Avi Naor and the Jewish Agency for Israel is a winning relationship for us all.

Mazal Tov to Meir Shfeyah Youth Village for winning the top prize in the evaluation of all of the agricultural villages in Israel. They were voted number one by the Ministry of Agriculture not only for the quality of their eggs and milk, but as the overall number one village in the country!! The farm is doing well, producing about one million liters of milk and 780,000 eggs last year. The 2008 wine is being bottled now and will be marketed soon; the 2006 wine was highly complimented and won the Five Star Award given by the Institute of the Environment. The students are fully engaged in the day to day work, learning new skills constantly.

Hadassah Wins Four Telly Awards
Hadassah videos earned four 2011 Bronze Telly Awards, which honor excellence in local, regional and cable TV commercials. Congratulations to our video team! See the videos now!


Put your stamp on history!
Join the competition to design Israel's Hadassah Centennial Stamp. Find out more >>

Thin Threads: Real Stories of Hadassah Life-Changing Moments Be part of the Hadassah Centennial Celebration Commemorative Book. Find out how to submit a story for consideration at www.hadassahstories.com

Hadassah College Develops Global Partnerships
Collaborations and partnerships with other academic institutions enrich the Hadassah Academic College community and provide a winning formula
for all.

Are you a Hadassah family that receives multiple magazines?
Remember, you can email membership@hadassah.org to have one or more of your subscriptions suspended. Subscriptions can always be reinstated in the future if members of the household move to a new address.

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You empower your children with Jewish values, pride and love of Israel. Enroll your children today so they join the more than 18,000 new Life Members and Associates who have celebrated Hadassah's Centennial anniversary with a $100 Lifetime Membership.

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