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Centennial Celebration 2012

Plans for Hadassah's once-in-a-century celebration are well underway. Just released: plans for the Centennial Convention in Jerusalem, October 15-18, 2012 ….and dozens of options for pre- and post-Convention extensions.

Take a look and register today!

Hadassah By the Numbers
Count On Us with
Natalie Portman


February is Heart Health Month

Hadassah treats the tiniest hearts in unborn fetuses and children and employs new research, medications and surgical techniques to ensure that adults with cardiovascular and heart disease live longer, healthier lives. You can help further Hadassah's heart research and treatment. Make a $100 Centennial Key donation and receive Hadassah's Centennial Key as a thank you for making a difference!

Tower Construction Update:

Construction of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower is going on around the clock, six days a week. Currently, approximately, 40 percent of the stone work and 60 percent of the work on the aluminum on the outside of the building has been completed.

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Add Your Name To The
Associates Tower Honor Roll

360 Associates will name the 10th Floor-East Wing-Internal Medicine Medication Room in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower in honor of Hadassah Associates. 250 have already stepped up with donations of $100. See the Associates Honor Roll

110 additional donors are needed to complete the commitment. Donate $100 now and join the Honor Roll.

So proud... looking forward to
Dedication Oct. '12.

Linda Glass
quote from the Hadassah facebook page regarding the The Tower Update
2/23/2010              join the conversation

What Would Herzl Say?

In his Jerusalem Post blog, Gil Troy talks about modern-day Israel, its ups and downs, and wonders what Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism, would say if he were alive today.

Gil Troy is Professor of History at McGill University and a Shalom Hartman Research Fellow. He is the author of Why I Am a Zionist: Israel, Jewish Identity and the Challenges of Today, and The Reagan Revolution: A Very Short Introduction.

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Biotechnology: Keeping Israel Ahead

Professor Bertold Fridlender, Chair of the Department of Biotechnology at Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem, was involved from the beginning in helping to plan the curriculum, to gain academic accreditation and to handpick an excellent faculty from a mix of academics and experts from biotechnology companies.

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For Now, Forever, For Life

Your membership links you and each of our 300,000 Members, Associates and supporters directly to Israel.

Hadassah and Israel—friends, partners and allies since 1912. For Now, Forever, For Life

Make everyone in your life partners with Israel, today. Hadassah. For Now. For Life.

And so Hadassah will be 99 years old. Don't you want to join us in Jerusalem in October of 2012 to help us celebrate our 100th year? I'm going to be there along with many of my collegues. I can guarantee that you'll have a ball!

Carol Rosenberg Fein, Monroe, New Jersey
quote from the Hadassah facebook page
2/23/2010              join the conversation
Celebrate 100 years of Hadassah!

A Yahrzeit Story

We want to think we will always be remembered. We want to believe that on the anniversary of our passing, our children, our grandchidren will remember us. And sometimes, that is the case. It is up to us through our words and our actions to ensure this is the case.

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The Intense Light of Jerusalem:
"The Strongest Glare in the World"

The Jerusalem Netletter
Shvat Edition 5771, January 2011

Barbara Sofer, Hadassah's Director of Public Relations in Israel, writes about a poignant wedding seven years after a terror attack; HMO's extraordinary work fighting AIDS in Ethiopia; and Hadassah College Jerusalem's Environmental Health Sciences BSc program—the only one of its kind in Israel. And she reports a conversation between glass artist Dale Chihuly and Arthur Spector, architect of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, about the intense light in Jerusalem, which has "the strongest glare in the world."

Read the Jerusalem Netletter >>

News from Hadassah Medical Organization

Sephardim at Risk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Hadassah genetic researchers have discovered two "founder" gene mutations that can cause breast and ovarian cancer in Jewish Sephardic women. Until recently it was thought that Ashkenazi women were at higher risk for these cancers due to a BRCA mutation. The researchers' findings are reported in the November 2010 issue of Familial Cancer.

Hope for Children with Severe Vision Problems
For the parents of children with severe vision problems and eye diseases, an initial visit to the Michaelson Institute for the Rehabilitation of Vision is both upsetting and comforting. Upsetting, because they begin to comprehend the challenges they face; comforting, because they immediate realize an extremely caring and highly competent team is there to support them.

HMO Impact Reaches Far Beyond Israel
One hundred foreign medical residents are completing fellowships at the Hadassah Medical Center--an experience that dramatically influences how they practice medicine when they return to their home countries. Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef says, "When these foreign doctors return home, they take with them advanced medical training and the special spirit they found at Hadassah, promoting health and healing wherever they may be."



Read the Statement>>

Dudi Barashi, Hadassah Medical Clown visits the United States. Watch the video on YouTube

The National Mazkirut of Young Judaea sends out a weekly update on important events concerning Israel, the US, the Jewish People and developments from the movement. These are high schoolers, living, loving and connecting to Israel and their heritage.

We want to hear from you! Send your latest and greatest updates, what you have been doing for the next issue of Keshet, our HLA Alumnae newsletter. Excited to reconnect with you!

Laurie Weitz lweitz@hadassah.org or
Myrna Rodkin zoomf16@aol.com



Also of Interest...

FLASH MOB DANCE VIDEO!!! Watch the Young Judaea Year Course students support Hadassah Medical Organization

Watch LIVE as the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower grows into a Tower of Healing.

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Countdown to Hadassah's Centennial begins NOW.

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