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Marcie Natan, Chair of Hadassah College Jerusalem,
will serve as Hadassah's next President

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Celebrate Hadassah for Life

January kicks off Hadassah's Centennial Membership Celebration. Now, you can gift others to be part of the next 100 years of miracles with our $100 Centennial celebration offer for Life/Child Life Membership and Associate/Child Associate enrollments.

As we look toward our Centennial anniversary, we thank you and our 300,000 Members, Associates and supporters for creating and sustaining the extraordinary world that is Hadassah.

Gift an enrollment for $100

Annual Members, Step up to Life for $100

Remembering Our Friend, Debbie Friedman


Paving Their Family Legacy,
Brick by Brick

Dr. Michael Falkove wanted a special gift for his wife of 43 years last spring when she was named Nassau Region's Woman of the Year. What better way to pay tribute to her than to honor her six beloved grandchildren? That was just about the time that Hadassah's Centennial Path in Jerusalem was announced.

Soon, each grandchild's name will appear on an individual brick on the Centennial Path at Ein Kerem. Dr. Falkove's son also donated to honor his mother: a large brick on the Path will carry her name.

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Supporter, see how you can honor the people you love with a brick on the Centennial Path

150 Years of
Inspiration and Zionism

Henrietta Szold: 150 Years of Inspiration
A century and a half after her birth, Hadassah founder Henrietta Szold still inspires. Read article from The Jewish Daily Forward

Theodore Herzl: 150 years of Zionism
2010 marked the 150th birthday of Theodore Herzl, credited for being the father of political Zionism.                           continue reading >>

Tower Update:

Visitors to the construction site can now see the completed dome of the Art Rotunda, which is located at the end of the atrium on the Hospital Tower's entrance floor. Scaffolding has been placed over the dome to protect it as workers affix the Jerusalem stone facing to the building.

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Excellent, inspiring video about
an excellent hospital!

Sheila Stern
quote from the Hadassah facebook page regarding the video Prof. Oz Shapira - Thanks from the Heart TAKE A LOOK
12/30/2010              join the conversation

Imaginative Head Nurse Brings Joy
To Pediatric Patients at
Hadassah Hospital

Although hospitalized, the children in Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem's Pediatric Department have a new measure of joy in their lives thanks to an imaginative Head Nurse and her team.

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Hadassah New Zealanders Walk
for Pediatrics at Hadassah
Medical Center

Through its November World Wide Walk, Hadassah New Zealand raised 20,000 dollars for the renovations of the Pediatrics Department at Hadassah Hospital-Mount Scopus.

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When I was born, I became a life member. I was informed by my aunt that my great grandmother Mildred was a good friend of Henrietta, the founder of this organization.

Stephanie Smith Scalf, Dallas TX
quote from the Hadassah facebook page
12/30/2010              join the conversation
give your child the gift of life membership

Helping Haiti, Helping Humanity: New Guidelines for Treating Disaster Victims from HMO

Hadassah doctors and nurses – and a pediatric clown – were part of the IDF's medical mission to Haiti a year ago. The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine recently published a letter from doctors in our Department of Clinical Microbiology and Infection Diseases, recommending modification of the existing guidelines for treating victims of earthquakes and other disasters

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Capitol Swearing In

On January 5, 2011, 18 Hadassah Members and Associates welcomed the 112th Congress to Washington. Throughout the day the group introduced themselves—and Hadassah—to the new representatives, senators and Capitol Hill staff.

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Send your prayers to Hadassah member Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.
Send a message to us and we will compile all the Hadassah emails and deliver them to the Giffords family. communications@hadassah.org

News from Hadassah Medical Organization

Children Bring Long Life?
A 37-year study of 45,000 women, conducted by two Hadassah physicians, shows that mothers with more than one--and fewer than five--children live longest.

The Healing Power of Art
by Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef Director-General,
Hadassah Medical Organization

Hadassah Researchers Study 2,000-year-old Seeds
Ancient medicinal seeds may hold hope for treatments of cancers, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other diseases.

Military Medicine
A growing shortage of career military physicians was behind the IDF/Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School's military medicine track


HADASSAH MAGAZINE WILL AWARD ITS 2010 HAROLD U. RIBALOW PRIZE to Sara Houghteling for her book Pictures at an Exhibition, Monday, January 31.
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in New Orleans. Locals called them heroes in this TV news piece that appeared on the local CBS affiliate in New Orleans.

We want to hear from you! Send your latest and greatest updates, what you have been doing for the next issue of Keshet, our HLA Alumnae newsletter. Excited to reconnect with you!

Laurie Weitz lweitz@hadassah.org or
Myrna Rodkin zoomf16@aol.com

Helping the environment, here and in Israel Read More>>



Also of Interest...

FLASH MOB DANCE VIDEO!!! Watch the Young Judaea Year Course students support Hadassah Medical Organization

Watch the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower grow into a Tower of Healing.

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Countdown to Hadassah's Centennial begins NOW.

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Hadassah College: Realizing Dreams and Opportunities

The roots of Hadassah College Jerusalem, a key component of Hadassah's far-sighted vision of promoting and advancing technological education in Jerusalem, date back to 1939...

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