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Straight Talk About Breast Cancer. A frank discussion that will move, inspire and educate you.


Israeli Government Names
the Tower a Strategic Site

Hadassah established the first Shock Trauma Unit in Israel in 1991 and remains the only Level 1-A Trauma Unit in the Jerusalem region. Recognizing Hadassah's experience and ability, the government of Israel has declared the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower a strategic site in times of war and on an ongoing basis.

watch the progress of
theTower construction >>

HMO: Healing Sick Hearts

Oz Shapira, professor of medicine and head of the cardiothoracic unit at Hadassah Hospital, was the 22nd doctor whom K's family consulted. "Hopeless and inoperable" were the two words that all of the first 21 physicians used. "I'd never met the patient, and he wasn't even at our medical center," said the surgeon, who grew up in the city of Rehovot. "Nonetheless, the story immediately engaged me. 'Hopeless' is such a terrible word for both patient and doctor. I believed there had to be an answer out there".

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From Research to Patient Care:
Cancer and Holocaust Survivors

As a child, she experienced all of the chaos and horror of the Holocaust. Now, at the age of 85, she is about to receive a diagnosis of cancer. What role, if any, will this woman's childhood experiences play in her ability to cope with her current medical condition, and does her physician need to know about her past in order to create the best possible treatment plan for her?

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The Hadassah Hospital in Israel does great work. This Hospital treats "all" people, and that is main reason I support the work of Hadassah, in the land that means so much, to so many. Shalom truly, as we continue to pray for Peace, Love & Understanding.

Cheryl Kapelner-Champ
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1,500 Parisians Give Shlomo
Mor-Yosef a Warm Bienvenue

Ambassadors and high ranking government officials were amoung the guests as Hadassah France hosted a tribute to Leonard Bernstein. Held under the patronage of French President His Excellency Nicolas Sarkozy at the elegant Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, the event celebrated the new research partnership between Hadassah Medical Center and the Gustave Roussy Institute, France's leading cancer center.

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Hadassah at the UN

The United Nations DPI/NGO (Department of Public Information/Non-Governmental Organization) annually holds a conference that brings together hundreds of people from around the world to focus on a topic of interest. This year's topic related to Global Health and how it relates to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It was held in Melbourne, Australia from August 30 to September 1, 2010.

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Hanukkah Gelt

Jewish Education has long been synonymous with sweetness and honey, and Hanukkah is no exception. Gelt has always been an integral part of our Hanukkah celebration. But where did this tradition begin?

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I was just [a Youth Aliyah village] on a YW mission a week ago! The village was beautiful as well as the staff and youth. Meir Shfeyah helps those youth no other countries will and also gives them love, respect, caring and ways to be productive and self reliant members of society. Yasher Koach to the staff! And if you have not gone-GO!!! You will be amazed! :)

Marnie Kean
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Year Course 2011-2012
New! Bold! Daring! Creative! Guaranteed to Please!

Young Judaea's Year Course, already the leader in gap year programs in Israel, renews its commitment to being the best program and the best value.

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Happy Anniversary Hadassah Foundation!

The Hadassah Foundation Board of Directors marked its 11th anniversary on October 11th. Established by the National Board of HWZOA, The Hadassah Foundation is dedicated to making social change for women and girls in Israel and the U.S. Jewish community.

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Keepers Recycle

Stepping up to new Keepers of the Gate level? How about recycling your pin to a NEW Keeper? Here's how it works:

Step-up to $1800, $2500, $3000, $36000 or $5000

Purchase a new pin to match your new giving level and then gift your original pin to a NEW Keeper and their entire gift will be tax deductible.

Recycle your pin with Keepers of the Gate.

contact keepers@hadassah.org
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Here Comes Hannukah!

Give a Gift;
Get a Gift to Give

We light the first Hannukah candle December 1st. We've got some exclusive, super special limited edition gifts to offer when you support Hadassah this holiday season. Take a look...


Youth Aliyah:
75 years of Caring

For 75 years, Youth Aliyah has rescued desperate children

Read more about Youth Aliyah >>

Hadassah College Jerusalem = Excellence

Take pride in your support of Hadassah! An unsolicited letter from two Hadassah College students speaks eloquently of the College's commitment to academic excellence, and to providing the tools that lead to a fulfilling career for every student.

Read the letter >>


November is
Jewish Book Month

During Jewish Book Month, Hadassah celebrates our longtime commitment to Jewish literature. For over ten years, On the Same Page—A Hadassah Book Club has explored ideas through Jewish literature.

November is
Diabetes Month

The American Diabetes Association provides myths and facts about Diabetes. Here are just a few along with the latest research being done by HMO physicians:

Life in the Negev is beautiful. Last Thursday, we had a tiyul at sunrise on the outskirts of Arad, along a beautiful nature trail. The views of the surrounding red mountains were stunning. We finished the hike at the Gorni look out point as we took in everything around us.

At the end of the tiyul, we made a campfire and ate pita and labane (a kind of white cheese) while drinking hot tea, all delicious Middle Eastern staples. Here's a short movie we made during our hike, "singing" a popular Israeli song through sign language.

See the Video

Last month over 20 Young Women participated in Hadassah's 15th Young Women's mission, FACE2FACE Israel 2010.

These future Hadassah leaders shared a fast paced week meeting Hadassah's cutting edge physicians and researchers, participating in hands-on community service, hearing from Israel's leading intellectuals, exploring Israel and witnessing first hand how Hadassah is an integral part of Israel's society and economy. For up to the minute info on all things YW, visit youngwomen.hadassah.org.

Attention Attorneys: Join Hadassah for the experience of a lifetime. National Center for Attorneys' Councils Supreme Court Swearing In, February 22-23 or 23-24, 2011. The experience begins with a gala dinner with prominent speakers. Go behind the scenes of the Court and meet face-to-face with the Chief Clerk, Marshall and Chief Librarian. Highlights have also included personal meetings with the Justices themselves! If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the 2011 Supreme Court Swearing In, please contact attorneyscouncils@hadassah.org. The registration deadline is January 1, 2011, and space is limited.

YOUNG WOMEN'S COMMUNITY SERVICE Interested in participating in a National Young Women's Community Service Event? youngwomen@hadassah.org


Also of Interest...

Watch the Young Judaea Year Course students support Hadassah Medical Organization

Watch the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower grow into a Tower of Healing.

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