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It's here!

It's here! Hadassah's beautiful user-friendly new website is up and running. We think you will find it easy to navigate and chock full of information—lots to read and watch and listen to. You can create your own account and elect to receive news about your special interests. Sound complicated? It isn't! Set up your myHadassah account today.

Items of interest on the site are easily shared via your favorite social networking site, such as Facebook, Twitter and many others. Don't wait another minute! www.hadassah.org.


Hadassah has helped shape Israel by building high-and by digging deep. As you can see in my podcast, we are in the middle of building the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower in Jerusalem, which will be the most advanced medical facility in Israel when we dedicate it in 2012.


Report from Hadassah Medical Organization

Hadassah researchers have identified the gene responsible for Joubert Syndrome; one in 92 Ashkenazi Jews carries the genetic mutation.

A fascinating study by researchers at Hebrew University-Hadassah Mount Scopus found that our hands play a critical role in our perception of the space around us.

A team of Hadassah physicians delivered heterotopic twin girls to a Cypriot mother. It is the second time in medical history that this surgery has been successful.

With the launching of the surgical robot "da Vinci," the Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem has joined the elite group of the world's leading medical centers using this advanced technology.

Drug therapy for cystic fibrosis, now undergoing clinical trials at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, holds hope for New Jersey mother whose son and daughter both suffer from CF.

Extraordinary Conversations:
Prof. David Michael Linton, M.D.

Members of the Society of Major Donors and Guardian Donors dialed in January 21 for an enlightening interactive conference call with Prof. David Michael Linton, M.D., Director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit, Department of Medicine, at Hadassah Ein Kerem. This international dialogue (Prof. Linton called in from Ein Kerem) is part of the Extraordinary Conversations series.

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The Hadassah Foundation
Names New Directors

The Hadassah Foundation is dedicated to refocusing the priorities of the Jewish community through innovative and creative funding for women and girls in the United States and Israel. Hadassah National President Nancy Falchuk announced the election of four new Directors to the Foundation's Board.

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If we keep giving, Hadassah can keep giving. Ask a friend to join you in saving lives and making a difference.

Merrie Kristol Forstein
Minneapolis, Scopus Chapter
quote from facebook—join the conversation

Hadassah and The Jewish National Fund: A Fruitful Parnership

Deborah Kaplan, Past Hadassah National President and currently National Hadassah Jewish National Fund Chair, discusses Hadassah's long-time commitment to the land and the natural environment of Israel.

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What (Young) Women Need to Know: HPV and Cervical Cancer

Hadassah's Women's Health program, What Women Need to Know, acknowledges that many women don't fully understand some of the most important aspects of cervical cancer prevention. HPV (human papillomavirus) causes cervical cancer. It is a sexually transmitted virus so common that most people will get it at some point in their lives. Certain types of HPV can cause harmful changes in a woman's cervix that, if left untreated, can cause cervical cancer. Yet, cervical cancer is preventable.

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High School Students Take a (Young Judaea Alternative Winter) Break!

Young Judaea's third Alternative Winter Break (AWB), a week-long program that immersed high school-aged Young Judaeans in intensive community service and experiential learning, took place in South Florida. Forty-three participants learned about problems faced by people in communities far from home—men, women and children with whom they otherwise might have had little or no direct contact.

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All who know its history...know that when the going gets tough, Hadassah rises to the challenge...Israel will always stand by Hadassah, because Hadassah has always stood by Israel.

Dalia Itzik,Member of the Knesset
in her Jerusalem Post op ed column
January 13, 2010

Young Judaea's Merkaz Hamagshimim Plans Busy 2010

Merkaz Hamagshimim - Hadassah offers cultural events, social action and practical planning for olim (immigrants to Israel.) They are newly located in the Baka neighborhood of Jerusalem. Plans for 2010 are well underway. Take a look at what's happening in just the first quarter of the year!

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Young Judaea's Year Course: "still...life changing"

"Year Course is still Zionist, thought-provoking, identity-building and life-changing even after all these years," writes Gil Troy in the February 18 Jerusalem Post. Troy is a Professor at McGill University on leave in Jerusalem and author of Why I Am A Zionist: Israel, Jewish Identity and the Challenges Of Today.

February 18, 2010 The Jerusalem Post by Gil Troy

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West Wing

The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower at Hadassah Medical Center, Ein Kerem, is growing every day. Construction continues around the clock. To date, the five underground floors have been built, and concrete is being poured for the third floor above ground. The Tower will be dedicated in 2012, a gift from Hadassah to the people of Israel on the occasion of our centennial. Below, a view of the Tower's west wing.

To see and hear much more about the Tower, or to donate online, visit www.hadassah.org/tower.

For information contact 1.800.988.0685 or towercampaign@hadassah.org.


Emma, Daniel and David Learn to Succeed at Youth Aliyah

At Youth Aliyah villages, assessment tests can identify the reasons a student is underachieving, but it takes patient, caring and highly skilled staff to lead the children to success.

Read Emma, Daniel
and David's moving stories >>

Hadassah College Jerusalem: It's About Community

Hadassah College Jerusalem in the antithesis of the ivory tower. The College is committed to opening the doors of opportunity to a population as diverse as Israel itself; it offers degrees to students from every walk of life. Students work hard to achieve personal success, but they play an important role in the community around them. In 2005, Hadassah College received the Jerusalem Mayor's Award for Outstanding Volunteerism—the only institution of higher education to have ever received this honor.



Hadassah's 95th National Convention, July 25-28 in Hollywood, Florida.
Get the Info


Build a Virtual Mishloach Manot basket with Purim treats and send up to 20 ecards to friends and family with a donation of any size. Stories and projects for kids and grown-ups! Take a Look

Barbara Spack, National Chair of Youth Aliyah/Children-at-Risk, saw a factually incorrect article about Young Judaea's Year Course in a local Jewish newspaper. She contacted the publication and informed them of their error. The result: an interesting, informative, positive—and factually correct—article about Year Course and Adam Jenshil, its new Director in Israel. Thank you, Barbara, for showing us all that there are many ways to make a difference.

The Membership and Community Development Division prides itself on linking women to build strong communities. Our year-end membership drive brought in over 12,000 new, renewed, and upgraded Members, Associates and supporters to call family.

Become a member, or Gift a membership today

IT PAYS TO REFER A FRIEND TO YEAR COUSE Young Judaea is offering a limited number of special incentives when you refer a friend to Year Course or Shalem. Get the info: Year Course applicants and friends or Year Course alumni

ROSH HASHANAH CARDS Beautiful, artistic 2010/5771 Hadassah Rosh Hashanah Cards are ready! Contact your Card Chair or Chapter President to order.

YOUNG WOMEN'S COMMUNITY SERVICE Interested in participating in a National Young Women's Community Service Event? youngwomen@hadassah.org

Keepers of the Gate is Hadassah's annual giving program. Giving levels begin at $1000 and go up to $5000; gifts may support Hadassah's Greatest Need or any of our projects.

Also of Interest...

Happy 98th Birthday Hadassah!!!

February 24, 1912 Twelve members of the Daughters of Zion met in NYC under the leadership of Henrietta Szold. Hadassah was created to foster Jewish education in America and bring Nurses to Palestine. Hadassah is now the largest women's volunteer organization in the US, with 1,500 chapters rooted in healthcare, education, children and land reclamation in Israel.

We're on a Mission: Israel or Bust!

Everyone who's anyone is in Israel, has just returned, or is soon to be on the way there. The moment the Midwinter National Board Meeting ended last month, 47 members of the Board headed for the airport and Israel, along with National President Nancy Falchuk and Past National President Marlene Post.

Twenty-eight men and women from ten states took off for their Winter in Netanya (WIN.) They will do volunteer work, learn Hebrew, and enjoy the culture and beauty of Israel.

Missions are planned (and tailor-made) for Physicians, Nurses, Associates, Young Women, families and many others. Don't be left out in the cold! Find a mission


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