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hNews November 2011

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hNews November 2011

November is Diabetes Month

The World Health Organization estimates the number of people suffering from diabetes worldwide now stands at well over 200 million. It believes this figure will rise to 370 million by 2030. But hope is on the horizon.

In the United States alone there are almost 26 million individuals living with diabetes; 7 million of them do not know they have it. The number is growing dramatically, as obesity – one of the causes of the disease – rises.

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Defining Moments

National President Marcie Natan tells the story of her defining Hadassah experience.


New Director General Of
Hadassah Medical Organization

A little less than two weeks ago, Professor Ehud S. Kokia began serving as Director General of the Hadassah Medical Organization.

Meet Prof. Kokia >>

Phase 2 Clinical Trials for Oral insulin Capsule
Hadasit, Hadassah's technology transfer company, and Oramed Pharmaceuticals will continue working together on the development of technology for the oral delivery of medicine, such as insulin. The oral insulin capsule has the potential to change treatment for the 285 million people suffering with diabetes worldwide. Oramed, a publicly traded company, is the outgrowth of 30 years of Hadassah research. Read the story >>

Cancer Vaccine in Clinical Trials
Hadassah is participating in a clinical trial of a vaccine that 'trains' the immune system to seek and destroy malignant cells that have invaded the body. Read the story >>

Researchers ID Gene Involved in Ovarian Development
A teenage girl who came to Hadassah for help when she did not go through puberty, led to the discovery of a gene that plays a major role in ovarian development. Read the story >>

Israel's President Calls Hadassah "A Place of Peace"
"No institution models a place of complete peace under the most demanding circumstances more than Hadassah," Israel's President Shimon Peres said at a special reception welcoming the new Hadassah National President Marcie Natan. Read the story >>

Treating MS with Stem Cells
Since 1990, the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Center at Hadassah has been conducting groundbreaking research into the use of bone marrow-derived stem cells to treat MS. Today, Hadassah's MS Center is a world leader in treating MS with stem cells. Read the story >>

A Car Accident, Hadassah Trauma Expertise, and a Happy Ending
"I knew [the call] was bad when I saw my wife's knees buckle and her hand grasped the wall for support. Our son Yaakov, 21, was hit by a car," relates Ephraim Shore, a well-known educator at the Aish HaTorah Yeshiva in Jerusalem. "Now he was at Hadassah Ein-Kerem, undergoing emergency brain surgery." Read the story >>

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"While visiting Jerusalem, my friends and I (we are all physicians) had the opportunity to be taken on a tour of Hadassah Hospital. As a European anesthesiologist and intensivist working mainly in trauma and orthopaedics for the past 25 years, I have visited many hospitals throughout Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East and many were far above average.

Hadassah, however, is head and shoulders over any institution I have ever seen. You all are doing a truly awesome job and I am honored to have been accepted as a life-long member. Visiting your country and your hospital not only made my day, it made my year. Thank you."

Linda Pelinka, Vienna, Austria
from Facebook 11/8/2011
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Celebrate Hanukkah with Hadassah

Get a sneak peak of our virtual menorah, scheduled to be on Hadassah's website December 5 to December 30. When you light one or more candles, you can send unlimited Hanukkah eCards to friends and family.

Take a Sneak Peak >>

The Road to Tzedakah

Laura Simon, President of the Sharon Chapter, New York Region, will be fulfilling a lifelong dream when she takes her children and grandchildren to Jerusalem next month. And she has a wonderful surprise in store for them.

After a private tour of the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother & Child Center at Hadassah Hospital, Ein Kerem, where her grandchildren will meet some of the young patients, six Road to Recovery tiles on the walls of the hospital will be unveiled. Each tile will carry the name of one grandchild.


Morningstar And The Emmys
by Nicki Katz, casting associate

I recently participated on the Events Committee for the MorningStar Commission, organizing a salon entitled, "Outstanding Women of the Emmys: The Changing Images of Jewish Women on TV."


Cranes Exit Tower Site

With only 17 weeks until its first patients are welcomed, the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower is craneless!!! The familiar Hadassah Ein-Kerem skyline, which included two to four cranes during recent years, is clean now, and the Davidson Tower can be seen with all its glory.


Hollywood Comes to Hadassah

On November 14th, an impressive group of Hollywood actors, writers, directors and media leaders – members of The Creative Coalition visited the Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem, the flagship of Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America.


Be there for the Celebration of the Century!
October 15-18, 2012

Only 333 days remain before we begin the Celebration of the Century! Over 1300 people have already registered for Hadassah's Centennial Convention in Jerusalem, October 15-18, 2012. You can be part of this fantastic celebration when we dedicate the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, Hadassah's gift to the people of Israel. Make plans now to celebrate with your family and friends as we salute our incredible accomplishments in medicine, education, youth rescue, and land reclamation. Connect to our Jewish history, values and culture in the Land of Israel.

All Convention packages will increase by $150 on December 31, 2011. Register today at www.hadassah.org/centennialRegistration

"On behalf of the Mt. Scopus Hadassah group in Silver Spring, Md. and a co chair of HMO we send congratulations [to Prof. Ehud S. Kokia] on becoming Director General of HMO. Good Luck! Best Wishes! and Good Health!"

Roz Josephs Ferrell, Texas
from Facebook 11/3/2011
regarding "New Director General Takes Helm Of Hadassah Medical Organization"
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Let's Give Thanks

During the Hebrew month of Tishrei, we sit in sukkahs (booths) visiting with our Matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah and discussing the Holy Days that have passed. We look to the future and realize that we must have a plan that includes tzedakah (charity).


Esther Through the Lenses Installment 6: How To Study Tanakh (Bible)

Have you wondered what the study of Tanakh is all about? Whether you have studied Tanakh before or are a newcomer to Biblical text, now is the time to start your journey on Esther Through the Lenses.

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How to Study Tanakh >>

Thin Threads Centennial Commemorative Book:Real Stories of Hadassah Life Changing Moments

A lifetime contains millions of minutes but only a handful of defining moments. Thin Threads is a collection of more than 100 inspirational stories from women about their life-changing Hadassah moments. National President Marcie Natan tells the story of her defining Hadassah experience.

Be part of history for our Centennial Celebration! Send us your Hadassah Thin Thread story. or download the flyer

Share ideas and Hadassah know-how, and see what keeps our members busy across the USA. Local news from north, south, east and west.

Centennial Bounty

Israeli Consul General Updates Four NY Regions

Chai Society is a Huge Success

Hadassah New England Sponsors Centennial Walk

Newtown Group Fundraising Directory

North Boundary Chapter Presents Original Play

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THE HADASSAH NATIONAL ACTION CENTER provides elected official profiles, legislative alerts and direct contact to policy leaders all at your fingertips.

A myHadassah account will help you access the National Action Center, in addition to preferences management tools and specialized member-only content. Visit hadassah.org/actioncenter to log in or create a new account today.

Check the box for the Email Action Network to receive updates when new issues are posted to the Action Center.


Hadassah Hospital recently had an unexpected visit from the wife of the President of Kenya. She had some free time while her husband was involved in state business. She was interested in Hadassah's ability in the treatment of infectious diseases and especially AIDS. She met with Prof. Alon Moses, head of the department of infectious diseases, Dr. Keren Olstein from the AIDS Center, and Prof. Dan Engelhard, head of the pediatric department. In addition, she met with Kenyan students who are in Hadassah's School of Public Health.


Often American children (and adults!) are far removed from the source of the foods we consume. Not so at Hadassah Youth Aliyah Village Meir Shfeyah… Like the Zionist pioneers of old who came to transform deserts and swamps into high-yield farmland, students are leaning both the art and science of agriculture.

Located in the beautiful, fertile area near Zichron Ya'acov, the school was voted number one by the Ministry of Agriculture not only for the quality of their eggs and milk, but as the overall number one village in the country!! The farm is doing very well producing about 1 million liters of milk and 780,000 eggs last year.

Rooted in a millennium old tradition of wine making, the 2008 wine is being bottled now and will be marketed soon. The highly complimented 2006 wine received the Five Star Award by the Institute of the Environment.

A Toast to hard work and success!

History Comes Alive Before Our Eyes: Henrietta Szold, 1946 Film Henrietta Szold, a film produced by Hadassah in 1946, underwent preservation and digitization in 2011, thanks to a grant from the Women's Film Preservation Fund of New York Women in Film & TV, and a donation from Hadassah's 2005 outgoing presidents. Watch this fascinating film
TRAVELING? SPECIAL HANUKKAH OFFER Sixt Rent A Car has a special Hanukkah offer exclusively for Hadassah. When you book your car through Hadassah in Germany or Israel, December 15 through 29, 2011, you will save up to 20%. Cars must be booked through the Sixt-Hadassah partner site, www.sixt.com/hadassah-usa. Businesswoman and philanthropist Regine Sixt is Chair of the Board of Governors of Hadassah Germany, and a longtime supporter of Hadassah and Israel.

Men and Women: Celebrate Israel! Volunteer, learn and tour with Hadassah's WIN program.

NURSES PLAN JERUSALEM PRE-CONVENTION EVENTHadassah's Nurses Council will hold a pre-Centennial Convention extension October 14-15, 2012. The evening portion of the program will be held jointly with the Physicians' and Attorney's Councils. They will also take part in the dedication of the nurses' workroom in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower and meet nursing colleagues in Israel.

NATIONAL PHYSICIANS COUNCIL MAKES 2012 PLANS The Hadassah National Physicians Council will hold a pre-Centennial Convention program in Jerusalem, October 14-15, 2012. The opening dinner meeting speaker will be Professor Leon Epstein, who will address ethical, cultural and psycho-social issues in health care delivery in the US and Israel. The nurses and attorneys will join the physicians for an exciting kick-off. The program on the following day will take place at the Mount Scopus campus of Hadassah Hospital. There will be topics in ophthalmology (Make my eyes look to the future), the genome and disease, rehabilitation medicine, and basic stem cell research. Formal lectures will be interspersed with overviews of the history of Hadassah and Hadassah Medical Organization.

Physician members and Associate members and colleagues are encouraged to register early.

Are you a Hadassah family that receives multiple magazines?
Remember, you can email membership@hadassah.org to have one or more of your subscriptions suspended. Subscriptions can always be reinstated in the future if members of the household move to a new address.

Also of Interest...

See a live view of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower.

Get Well Soon!Feeling under the weather? Got a friend who needs some cheering? Send her the Get Well Soon video and brighten her day. Watch now

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