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hNews January 2012

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hNews January 2012
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2012: Hadassah's Centennial Year!

It's finally here—our Centennial. Our ongoing celebration will include a special Shabbat service at Temple Emanu-El in New York, where it all began; Traveling Henriettas making appearances in the most unusual places; a virtual torch relay; a beautiful sterling Centennial lock; a Centennial Tribute Issue of Hadassah Magazine to read and treasure; a one-day coast-to-coast gathering of thousands for Home Sweet Hadassah; a limited-time special offer for Lifetime Membership; a book of memorable, personal stories about life changing Hadassah moments; a spectacular virtual gallery of Art at Hadassah; and countless local events across the US. It all culminates in October in Jerusalem at our dazzling 2012 Convention, where we will dedicate the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower—our gift to the people of Israel to mark an extraordinary century of healing, educating, nurturing, planting and building.

Happy Centennial, Hadassah.

Meet Generation H

Hadassah's second century has begun—and out future is in very good hands! Take a look….

Watch the video


Once-in-a-Century Shabbat
February 24, 2012

One hundred years to the day after Hadassah was founded—February 24, 1912—by Henrietta Szold and a small group of women, we will celebrate Shabbat at Temple Emanu-El in New York City, where it all began. All are invited!

See your invitation >>

Countdown Mode at the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower

A recent visitor to Jerusalem said, "The Tower looks absolutely majestic, as its triangular shapes shine in the sunlight. The pillars of Jerusalem stone, which give a hint as to what the main entrance will look like, make one think of a castle rather than a hospital." The first patients will move into the Tower on March 19, 2012.

Here are some highlights >>

Traveling Henrietta

"Traveling Henrietta," a soulful likeness of Hadassah's beloved founder, has been spotted visiting Yellowstone National Park, biking in Colorado, and perched on the Great Wall of China. Her travels have just begun! You can have your own Traveling Henrietta and photograph her wherever you wish. We will soon have a Traveling Henrietta Photo Gallery on our website. Prizes and fame can be yours!

Email your Traveling Henrietta photos to TravelingHenrietta@hadassah.org. Get started! See all the places Henrietta has been and print and cut out your Henrietta now.

I'm so proud of all my members of Newtown Hadassah, Bucks County, Pennsylvania & their Tzedakah Donations. So excited! All the hard work & generosity of all members & donors to Hadassah will soon be realized with the opening of the new state of the art medical tower in Israel, The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. All of Israel, the Middle East & worldwide will benefit from this next step by HMO, Hadassah Medical Organization in patient medical care, research & development.

Joan Kaplan Becker, Pennsylvania
from Facebook 1/13/2012 facebook

Centennial Torch Crosses Continents

The Centennial Torch symbolizes the healing and loving, peaceful light that Hadassah brings to Israel and the illumination Hadassah sheds on America. It will be passed from member to member, leader to leader, and mother to child—from generation to generation. It will symbolize the friendship between women and among nations. The torch was lit in Jerusalem and will return there at our Centennial Convention, October 15-18, 2012.

1912: Zachor! Remember!

Jews place great importance on memory. Zachor, remember! A Centennial is an opportunity to Zachor, to remember, and to walk down memory lane. When the first Hadassah meeting took place in New York City at Temple Emanu-El, what other great events were shaping Zionist history?

Read Leah S. Reicin's Essay >>

A Coast to Coast Celebration

March 22, 2012: Be part of history. Join hundreds of thousands of Hadassah Members, Associates and friends gathering together on the same day in homes across the country to toast Hadassah's Centennial. Watch for Home Sweet Hadassah to come to your community. See if there is a Home Sweet Hadassah event planned in your community.

For more information,
or to add your event to the map, email debbie.friedman@hadassah.org


We'll be Dancin' in the Streets!

Hadassah's Centennial Convention will start with a bang: a lively, happy, celebratory march through the streets of Jerusalem, from Horse Park to Safra Square.

Read all about it >>


Let's Celebrate Together in Jerusalem! October 15-18, 2012. Are you in???

posted on Facebook 12/16/2011

Watch the the video invitation on YouTube
Join the Conversation on facebook


In honor of 100 years of lifesaving work, new Life Memberships are $212 during our Centennial year, from January 1–December 31, 2012. As a thank you for supporting Hadassah, new Life and Child Life Members will receive a beautiful sterling silver and crystal key necklace, exclusively available to new Life Members.

Join us as we celebrate our Centennial, and give the gift of Life by enrolling a new Member today at www.hadassah.org/life or call 800.664.5646.

Hadassah—Lock in for Life

Unlock the Future with Hadassah

At the close of its enormously successful Centennial Key campaign, Hadassah introduces its companion, the Centennial Lock. In recognition of your donation of $100, you will receive a sterling silver heart-shaped lock on a sterling chain. Wear it together with your Centennial Key, if you are lucky enough to have one, or alone.

Make your donation online or call 866.229.2395 or email frservices@hadassah.org


Almost 400 Keepers of the Gate are already registered for Convention 2012 in Jerusalem. They will come together at a cocktail reception on Monday, October 15, 20, at Mercaz Shimshon with its breathtaking views of the Old City. Join us to celebrate your commitment. To attend these events, you must already be a Keeper or pledge an annual $1,000 gift to Hadassah.

Please contact 888.533.2980 or keepers@hadassah.org for
further information.



Share ideas and Hadassah know-how, and see what keeps our members busy across the USA. Local news from north, south, east and west.

Read hCoast-to-Coast >>


Going to Convention 2012 in Jerusalem? Here's a chance to meet with some of Hadassah's renowned breast cancer experts: Professor Tamar Peretz-Yablonski, Head of the Sharett Institute of Oncology; Dr. Tamar Sella, Head of the Breast Imaging Center; and others.
See your invitation >>


Add your name to this once-a-century issue of Hadassah Magazine. It will be cherished for decades to come
Get the details>>


Hadassah members submitted personal, funny, poignant, surprising stories to Thin Threads: Real Stories of Hadassah Life Changing Moments. The Commemorative Edition hard cover book will be available for late spring delivery, at $29.95. You can pre-order online now. Use promotion code HAD20 for a Hadassah discount.Hadassah units will also have these books for sale, plus a Collector's Edition--a leather bound limited edition, personally signed by National President Marcie Natan--at $180. Contact your local unit for additional information. 50% of the net proceeds for each book sold will benefit Hadassah.

The halls of Hadassah's hospitals, and its headquarters at Hadassah House, are lined with art by world-class artists such as Mendelsohn, Calder, Agam, Chagall, Lipschutz and many others. Take a video tour of this spectacular collection.

Young Judaea keeps alive its tradition of creating the Jewish leaders of tomorrow. We have proof that Young Judaea works! In recent years, over 75 alumnae of Young Judaea have risen to positions on Hadassah's National Board including two National Presidents, Carmela Kalmanson and Deborah Kaplan. Many alumnae in units all over the country have attained positions on chapter, group, region, and big chapter boards. Young Judaeans from Year Course will be marching with us at Convention 2012 in Jerusalem.


A VERY SPECIAL WELCOME to the 50,000 women, men and children who showed their support for the extraordinary work of Hadassah by becoming new Life Members and Associates in 2011. Our collective strength will continue to make a difference in the United States, Israel and around the world for the next 100 years. Thank you for becoming a member. Thank you for your support.

Keepers are rising to the Challenge! Over 300 people have joined Keepers of the Gate or increased their annual giving level in the 2012 BY 2012 Challenge, and will be recognized at Hadassah's Centennial Convention in Jerusalem, October 2012. The names of those who have given annually for five years will grace the prestigious Keepers of the Gate pillars at Hadassah Hospital, Ein Kerem.

Hadassah Receives Prestigious Research Grants The Era‐Net for Research Programs on Rare Diseases is a network of sixteen partners from twelve countries, dedicated to the development and funding of national and regional research programs on rare diseases in Europe and associated countries. In 2011 Era‐Net received 147 grant applications and approved 13 – four from Israel. Of the four, three of the researchers are from Hadassah: Prof. Eithan Galun, Director of Hadassah's Goldyne Savad Institute of Gene Therapy; Prof. Vardiella Meiner,Director of the Center for Clinical Genetics; and Dr. Shimon Edwardson, of Hadassah's Department of Human Genetics and Metabolic Diseases.



Esther's Legacy:
Celebrating Hadassah's Centennial

For the last ten months. Hadassah members across cyberspace and the United States have woven thematic lenses and Hadassah commentary along the actual text of Megillat Esther. Enriched with insight and wisdom from a variety of viewpoints, this Centennial study has been contrasted with new inspiring ideas and practices. Engaging Hadassah comments offer fresh and modern slants on what it means to be modern day Esther.

Reinvigorate your inner Feminist by focusing on a text that is compelling, familiar and relatable. Help cement Hadassah's organizational identity around its namesake Esther; and draw lessons from Esther and inspire others with Hadassah's collective cornerstone values of women's leadership, advocacy and Zionism.

Join the conversation
Esther Though the Lenses: Leadership and YOU

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