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Hadassah University Medical Center Embarks on “Dry Run” for New Hospital Tower

A euphoric mood suffused the "dry run," which the Hadassah University Medical Center conducted to ensure that the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower is ready to receive real patients on Moving-In day, March 19.

"As an obstetrician and gynecologist," commented Prof. Ehud Kokia, Director General, "I am filled with the same feeling of hope I have when a new baby comes into the world. This is a new hope for the good of all of us, a new direction for our patients and our staff."

The dry-run participants--28 "pretend patients"--were tasked with the responsibility of checking out the various systems and fixtures to see that they were working properly. "We had to press all the buttons, check the ventilation and heating, call a nurse, take a shower, and complete a five-page questionnaire," related Shoshanah Kahn, Assistant to Prof. Kokia.

The questionnaire, containing over 100 questions, dealt with the condition of all elements in the room, such as the beds, doors, windows, lights, and bathroom, as well as the mechanisms for calling nurses and dealing with laundry.

"Last night was a truly joyful experience," said Udi Shauloff, Chief Operating Officer at Hadassah Hospital -Ein Kerem, who organized the dry run and also participated as a "patient." He noted: "We found some small problems that need to be taken care of, but that's what this was all about."

Urology Nurse Tehilla expresses her enthusiasm for the patient rooms in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower.

Hadassah Director General Prof. Ehud Kokia (right) and Prof. Dov Pode, Chair of the Urology Department, officially opened the event by affixing a mezuzah at the entrance to the Urology Department and reciting the blessings.

Prof. Meir Liebergall, Chair of Orthopedic Surgery, with "patient"

A nurse checks the equipment

Live music, flowers, and scented candles welcomed the "patients" to the new facility. Many deemed their surroundings to be akin to a five-star hotel. But, as Tehilla, a Urology Department nurse, noted, "This is a five-star hotel with our five-star nursing."

While the guests of the evening examined the spacious rooms and state-of-the-art features, such as an interactive flat screen television and communication system above each bed, the nurses were busy exchanging professional information, demonstrating how the phone system connects with each patient, and orienting themselves to their surroundings.

Gila, an orthopedic nurse, commented that even though she has been "up here" many times, she was still awe-struck by the new building. For the past month, she has been bringing teams of nurses to their new home, helping them organize and plan how to care for their patients in their greatly expanded space. "Did you know that each floor is the size of four soccer fields combined?" a nearby maintenance worker interjected.

As one "patient" prepared to leave, she said: "A lot of thought went into this building. There is a reading light by the sofa or reclining chair for patients' families and another reading light over the bed. There is a built-in night light, a roomy closet, and even a safe for valuables."

Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower Building Chair Bonnie Lipton

Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, Immediate Past Director General, pointed out that the opening of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower celebrates the centennial of the founding of Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, "which has engaged in 100 years of activity in so many areas, for so many good causes." He continued: "Today, in this economy, I am able to stand here knowing that good people all over the world have raised one billion shekels for this building--all under the name of Hadassah. It is a realization of HWZOA's mission to deliver the best of the best.

"It was a privilege to dream and to realize this dream during my tenure. It is a privilege to be able to stand here today and say 'we did it.'"

Bonnie Lipton, Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower Building Chair, adds: "This fantastic building is still only a building. The people will breathe life into it."

Date: 3/16/2012

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