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Hadassah National Center for Nurses Councils launch


When it comes to nursing, Hadassah is FIRST.

Every dollar makes an impact….Every donation makes a statement of support to ensure that nursing education at Hadassah remains at the most advanced level.

Learn more about the Nurses' Clinical Masters Program

Donate Today

With a gift of $100 or more your name will be added to the Nurses First! Honor Roll at www.hadassah.org/nurses.

For more information contact:
Rita Lourie rlourie@hadassah.org or Dianne Gottlieb dgottlieb@hadassah.org
Co-Chairs, Hadassah National Center for Nurses Councils

Pennie Sessler Branden psbranden@hadassah.org or Barbara Sabin bsabin@hadassah.org
Co-Chairs, Hadassah National Nurses Advisory Board

To donate by phone, contact Donor Services at 1.800.928.0685


Help us raise money to keep the Nurses Clinical Masters Program going at Hadassah Medical Organization

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