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A Dialogue

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Linda Barish

Professor Dimitrius Karussis, Department of Neurology, Hadassah Medical Organization
Linda Barish
David Barish

Prof. K: We are doing a lot of research in this field of neurology. The latest step was to proceed in a human trial and this indeed what was done here. This is the first ever done in humans with ALS and Multiple Sclerosis by using intraepithelial injections of those stem cells.

I was 24 and I had these neurological symptoms and about 15 years after my first episode I woke up and I was blind in my eye. I went to an ophthalmologist and I was clinically diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. When I realized that I had MS I hung the phone up on my doctor and I was screaming.

Two years ago, a friend of mine comes up to me and says David did you read this article in Hadassah magazine about what they are doing in Israel in stem cell research?

I brought it home for Linda to read and she read it and immediately said I want an appointment with a doctor. Make it happen. You do it. You know, a typical Jewish husband and he does exactly what his wife tells him to do.

So I immediately sent an email to my friend and he sent it on to Annette Sondock. Annette set up the meeting, two days after we arrived in Israel; we went to Hadassah to meet the doctors.

Dr- Lind who was almost paralyzed cant bilateral support.


Linda- I would fall many times. Bruised all over and I almost had a brain concussion because I would fall and hit my head.

Dr. She was actually referred by a famous neurologist in Houston who sent her here since she did not respond to the regular treatments for multiple sclerosis.
Linda- I took a physical and he said you a good candidate.

David: He told her I think I can help you, would I like to be involved in this study and of course we jumped up and down and said yes emotional because it helped her so much.
Dr. We take her under local anesthesia, we harvest the bone marrow.

Linda It was a small procedure.
Dr. he bed and here comes Ephraim what that is? Ephraim and he has this little box and I say these cells are injected either through the spinal fluid which means a lumbar puncture into the blood stream and this is done by injection performed in the neurology department.

Linda gotten much better than I was three and one half years ago.
Dr- She had 3 injections with the stem cells. She started walking, then she threw away the cane, she doesnt use the cane, she can walk fast, - she can even run now for hundreds of meters.

Dr. _ There is a way to reverse disability which is something believed to be impossible task for years. When you see a muscle which is paralyze and then gains much of its function. When you can see a patient who couldn

If we continue this project then there may be a solution of cure for diseases like multiple sclerosis and this will come from Hadassah.

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