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Marsha Freedman

As I open my box of Hadassah jewelry in which to place my centennial key necklace, I admire the many shiny pins and keys that Ive acquired through the years. Each one elicits a sweet memory.

My mother and Hadassah, both treasures in my world, were born in the same year, 1912. Mother held nearly every office in her chapter and inspired me to follow in her footsteps.

My mothers handsome Hadassah membership pin, shaped like mine but larger, reminds me of all the bake sales, teas, and luncheons which she planned and enjoyed.

My membership pin that I wore proudly to years of board meetings, conventions, and dinners reminds me of the friendships Ive made while carrying on the important work of Hadassah.

My presidents pin allows me to reflect on the many fundraisers, programs, and community service projects that I organized. My colorful enamel Gates of Jerusalem pin evokes wonderful memories of my first trip to Israel and tour of Hadassah Hospital.

The pink ribbon pin reassures me that Hadassahs medical research will continue until a cure for breast cancer is found. My favorite pin of all is my three-generations pin, shaped like a tree branch, which links my mother and me to my daughters and granddaughter, the future of Hadassah.

As I close my jewelry box, all the pins and keys sparkle with the promise of the next 100 years of Hadassah.

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