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Elaine Schenirer

Having grown up with family members in Hadasah,when I came to Los Angeles in1947, I looked to join Hadassah. I joined a Junior Hadassah group. The following May, we had a fundraiser at a lovely home provided by a member. One of the members knew a young man in the Hacour, a refugee club, and invited them.

Five men came, and one, Fred, whose full name was Manfred, turned out to be my future husband. Another was best man at our wedding. In spite of Fred being gone, he and his wife and I are still best friends after more than 60 Years.
Fred and I became founders the first time in 1974. It took three years to accomplish.
Going back, in 1961 Fred presented me with life membership for my birthday.
So you see Hadassah has been very influential in my life. I am proud that my daughter, Sandra Einberg is on the national board.

My late mother was a life member as well as my daughter-in-law, granddaughters and great granddaughter.

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