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House Passes Major Sex Trafficking Legislation

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House Passes Major Sex Trafficking Legislation

May 21, 2014 

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a slate of trafficking legislation—a major step forward in addressing the issues of sex trafficking and exploitation, especially of children.

Every day, men, women and children are forced, defrauded, or coerced into labor or sexual exploitation. Trafficking and its related crimes not only harm those involved; they also undermine the social, political and economic fabric of the nations where they occur by devaluing individuals, demeaning women, and increasing violence and crime.

The House of Representatives passed five trafficking bills and a resolution condemning the kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian girls. Hadassah members and supporters continue to advocate for the United States to provide all avenues of support and exertion of international pressure in order to ensure that these young women can return home speedily and safely.

Hadassah has been a vocal advocate for the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, which will increase penalties for traffickers and expand funding for law enforcement training programs and critical victims’ services. The Preventing Sex Trafficking and Improving Opportunities for Youth in Foster Care Act will help strengthen the child welfare system so that child sex trafficking can better identified, addressed, and prevented.

The package of legislation also encourages states to create safe harbor laws so trafficked minors are treated as victims not criminals; authorizes additional funding to care for trafficking victims; outlaws trafficking-related publicity or advertisements; and directs federal agencies to address various aspects of international child sex trafficking.

Take Action! Visit the National Action Center and urge your Senators to continue this momentum. Advocate for the passage of legislation that supports victims of both sex and labor trafficking and penalizes all those profiting from trafficking enterprises.

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Date: 5/21/2014
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