Professor Meir Liebergall

Dr. Jose Cohen

Professor Meir (Iri) Liebergall

Chairman, Orthopedic Surgery Department

Hadassah Medical Organization

Professor Iri Liebergall, one of Hadassah Medical Organization's shining stars, has achieved astonishing breakthroughs in the field of computer-guided orthopedic surgeries.

Spurred, in part, by the thousands of casualties treated during the Intifada, Professor Liebergall and his team of surgeons and researchers set out to develop superior approaches for both "ordinary" orthopedic problems, as well as the traumatic fractures and penetrating injuries caused by suicide bombs loaded with shrapnel and other foreign bodies.

Today Professor Liebergall is pushing existing computer-guided, minimally invasive surgical techniques to the next level—and putting Hadassah Medical Organization on the global medical map. Among his team's pioneering innovations: the world's first computer-guided hip replacement; the use of an Israeli-manufactured miniature robot for spine surgery; and the development of three-dimensional computer imagery—used for all types of orthopedic procedures—that targets a patient's operative site with near-perfect accuracy. Hadassah Medical Organization's Orthopedic Department is also involved with a biological approach to tissue engineering: using adult stem cells for reproducing lost bone tissue and enhancing fracture-healing.