Orly Rotem Picker

Dr. Jose Cohen

Orly Rotem Picker

Director of Nursing

Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem

Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) is a beacon of hope for people in need. Here, modern-day nursing pioneer Orly Rotem Picker is just one of our shining stars, who is keeping alive—and vital—Hadassah's century-old commitment to bringing excellence in nursing care and education to Israel. She has strengthened her staff's commitment to clinical care, spearheaded pace-setting research, encouraged international academic participation, and set trends that increase both professional performance and patient satisfaction.

Soon, HMO nurses will be working on every floor of the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower. The Tower—Hadassah's most ambitious project, scheduled to be dedicated in 2012 on our Jerusalem campus—will give critically ill patients their best chance for survival and recovery, and allow them to experience an environment of uniquely compassionate care.