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Kol HaKavod to Three Hadassah Physicians

Prof. Neri Laufer
Prof. Neri Laufer, Chairman of Hadassah's Department of OBGYN, received one of Israel's most distinguished civil awards: The Annual Medal of Distinction presented by the Israeli Association for Medicine & Law. He was among the first Israeli physicians to treat fertility issues, and established the IVF unit at Hadassah. 

The following is excerpted from the decision of the Selection Committee, which was headed by retired Supreme Court Judge Daliah Dorner: "Prof. Laufer focused his clinical and basic research work in the areas of fertility and in vitro fertilization. He has concentrated his efforts in broadening the "window of opportunity for women." He also initiated the "Health and Age" program, a project which promotes women's health in peripheral communities. He established multi-disciplinary clinics for women with special needs, including such as midlife & mature women, adolescent girls, female HIV carriers, women who suffer from domestic abuse, and others..

Prof. Eithan Galun
Prof. Eithan, Galun, Director of the Goldyn Savad Gene Therapy Institute, is co-chair of one of four scientific groups accepted for a new program of the Israeli government and the Israel Council for Higher Education. It is called I-Core-- Israeli Centers of Research Excellence. Leading researchers from various Israeli institutions, as well as leading Israeli researchers abroad, will return to Israel and join one of these groups. 

Prof. Galun teamed up with Prof. Haim Cedar, an Israel Prize laureate, who is a Physician and Prof. of Bio-chemistry at Hebrew University, and a world renowned expert in human genetics and bio-medicine. Their group was the only one accepted as an I-Core in molecular medicine. Their group includes 19 researchers from universities and hospitals throughout Israel, as well as four returning Israeli researchers who have been working in the United States.

Dr. Yehuda Genosar
Dr. Yehuda Genosar, Hadassah's Director of Pediatric Anesthesiology, recently won an international award for the best basic research at the annual meeting of the International Anesthesia Research Society (IRAS). His winning research was entitled Changes In Placental And Fetal Organ Perfusion During Chronic Maternal Hypoxia In Mice: Assessment By Bold Mri During Brief Hypercapnic And Hyperoxic Challenge.

Date: 6/27/2011 12:00:00 AM

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