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The Jerusalem Netletter: Hanukkah 5772, December 2011

Eighth Light
Barbara Sofer

The eighth day of Hanukkah is called Zot Hanukkah-This isHanukkah. One explanation is that the Torah reading for the daybegins with the words "This is Hanukkat Ha'mizbeach, the dedicationof the altar. But a deeper meaning is that we're pointing-this-theeight days in which the oil burned without a good scientificexplanation-that's what Hanukkah is about. We can sometimes gobeyond the facts to create something bigger. Today I was touringin Hadassah Ein Kerem with the Young Judaea Parents' Mission. Fora number of the visitors, this was a first visit to Israel and toHadassah Hospital. I told them how only a short time ago the SarahWetsman Davidson Tower was a huge hole the ground. "We kept saying,'our grandmothers built Mount Scopus during the Great Depression,"we can do this, too." Voila! With the effort of Hadassah members,the Tower stands tall; a modern day miracle where more miracleswill take place. In the Charlotte Bloomberg Mother and Child centerwe stopped to talk with a father and son from Gaza. The son, 18,had a bone marrow transplantation five months ago, but he had arecurrence of leukemia and had to return to our hospital. They werein the family room together with an extremely religious mother anddaughter from Jerusalem. Also leukemia. There's only one reason thatyou can get Western treatment for these dire diseases in the MiddleEast. That reason is Hadassah, pioneers who have always waved awaypessimists who say "it can't be done."

Tonight, I'll attend the last candlelighting at the home of the Gerstels on Ethiopia Street together with Hadassah-Israel's major gift campaign to support the Michaelson Institute for Rehabilitation of Vision, that I described in the first Hanukkah Netletter. Professor Ehud Kokia will be there, too, and he'll tell us all how his first months as Director General are going. There's always more to report on. I've enjoyed sending you a nightly message for this festive holiday season. I hope you liked it, too.

Let me hear from you!

Hanukkah Sameach,

Hadassah Office in Israel Executive Director General Audrey Shimon, Deputy Director Barbara Goldstein, and me, Barbara Sofer Israel Director of Public Relations Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America Jerusalem

Date: 12/28/2011 12:00:00 AM

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