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12 Days to Moving-In Day


The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower

Jacob Schreibman Associate Director General and Avi Levy-Dym, Director of the Maintenance and Construction Division in the Tower's Fourth Floor Systems Center

Today our countdown spotlights two people who are normally behind the scenes. Yet, they are an essential driving force, within HMO, in leading the construction of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. They are Yaacov Schreibman, Associate Director General of HMO and Avi Levy-Dym the Director of the Maintenance and Construction Division of HMO.

"Some 50 years ago we were in the same class in Kfar Saba's Katzenelson High School and later on in parallel engineering faculties at the Technion in Haifa. At the time, we never dreamt that one day we would have the extraordinary opportunity to combine all the knowledge and experience we have each accumulated in our different professional lives, and join forces and friendship to participate in leading the construction mission of the unique Zionistic undertaking which is the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. For the benefit of the people of Jerusalem and the people of Israel, we brought with us our thoughts and visions, and the knowledge and capabilities we acquired from superb teachers and educators, which helped us implement the Jewish and humane ideas we all share.

The architecture and the design of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower are outstanding. We asked, however, to take this photo in one of the lesser-known parts of the building, Next to one small corner of the massive, sophisticated, vital electro-mechanical infrastructure systems of the Tower – the electricity, water, medical gasses, communication, IT – are those that ensure that this state-of-the-art facility will function properly at all times and allow our medical teams to provide our patients with the treatment that they require."

- Yaacov Schreibman, Associate Director General,
Hadassah Medical Organization

Stay with us as we countdown to
March 19 Moving-In Day!

Date: 3/7/2012 12:00:00 AM

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