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Celebrating Hadassah's Centennial with Anne Kodicek

Anne Kodicek is the epitome of a devoted, life-long acquiescental Hadassah Member!

For the past 70 years, this diminutive, highly intelligent, articulate 102 year old contributed her life to Hadassah! Her 74 year marriage to Rudy, raising their Children Miriam and David encompassed a life of fulfillment.

"In my day it wasn't popular to join a Jewish organization. but I quickly became committed! " said Anne. Like the early Zionists; she saw the intense need for a Jewish homeland. " Mother was a take charge person, constantly selling trees for the JNF " lovingly expressed by Miriam. " I remember walking in the snow to personally deliver a tree certificate to a donor" stated Anne. Reminiscing..." I feel our Hammond Indiana Chapter (now Illiana Hadassah) helped build Israel; this was our number one goal. Speakers came to meetings and told us about the Holocaust; no one listened or believed. Yet some of us started writing protest letters to the President of the United States; soon they became worldwide petitions. The letters didn't work so we began other projects. Everyone was involved with the "Earning Fund." Each member had to raise $60 and at the end of the year, we celebrated with a free lunch. Oh how the ladies could cook! Our meetings and special events were always at Kneseth Israel Shul in Hammond Indiana. My Husband was an Associate Member and helped me. Besides sharing my Hadassah love; Rudy was President of B'nai Brith for 8 years, President of the synagogue and together we helped establish 2 shuls; now Congregation Beth Israel in Munster Indiana." "Together their involvement with Hadassah brought so much joy and satisfaction! They are the ultimate role models for my Brother and Myself" expressed Miriam.

Anne continues to be a stalwart Hadassah Member of the Vizcaya L'Or Chapter, Delray Beach Florida. I was privledged to meet her at our 100th Year Hadassah Celebration. Myrna Goldberger, an infamous Florida Atlantic University Professor; entertained us with an impersonation of Henrietta Zold. Her performance was amazing and so befitting the occasion. Upon leaving the event; Annes Son asked if I'd take a photo of them both. I feel this chance meeting was a symbolic sign from Henrieta; depicting a perpetual love for Israel through thousands of women and men embued with her vision.

Article and photographs by Linda S. Greenberg
Hadassah Life Time Member
Vizcaya L'Or Chapter
Delray Beach, Florida
Previously Annapolis, Maryland

Date: 3/12/2012 12:00:00 AM

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