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5 Days to Moving-In Day


The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower

Moshe Levy and Arthur Spector of Arthur Spector Architects on The Children's Bridge between the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother and Child Center and The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, overlooking The Fela and David Shapell Family Gateway to Health.

"We are very close to the moment of truth. It is the moment when the baby we have all been waiting for is due to be born. We are very excited to see the way the public receives the Tower, and all that Hadassah has done to make life better for us."

- Arthur Spector, Spector-Amisar Architects

"Buildings mean different things to different people. To me a building is a means of communication. It communicates the values of the individuals, the society, and culture that create it. To me this building is beautiful because of the values that are so clearly expressed in its every aspect - from general organizational concepts to the finest details.

Values such as unity, human individuality, collective responsibility, the sanctity of life, modesty, humility, shared sacrifice, respect for all, and the pursuit of excellence. It is why many of us moved to Israel. It is why we persevere in Israel. It is an expression of being a Jew.

It is why we live our lives. And for this I would like to thank Hadassah, the donors, the hospital administration and staff, my fellow designers, engineers and consultants, and the many builders.

I hope and pray that the public will find it to be a source of inspiration, comfort, and healing."

- Moshe Levy, Project Architect of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, Spector-Amisar Architects

Arthur Spector, Spector-Amisar Architects, Natan Margolin, Project Manager of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, Margolin Brothers Engineering & Consulting Ltd. and Moshe Levy, Project Architect, Spector–Amisar Architects in the Madlyn Barnett Healing Garden, which is in the final stages of its preparation.

"The building is simply outstanding."

- Natan Margolin, Project Manager of The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, Margolin Brothers Engineering & Consulting Ltd.

Stay with us as we countdown to
March 19 Moving-In Day!

Date: 3/14/2012 12:00:00 AM

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