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Life Goes On at Hadassah Hospital

At 7:16 this morning, as I was walking from the parking lot to my office, I received the familiar text message from our CEM informing me about an event. This time it was a car accident some 25 miles west of Hadassah Ein-Kerem. It brought me back to "normal" mode after dealing with the aftermath of the opening of the SWD Hospital Tower 3 days ago.

Once again I had the chance to appreciate the professionalism and efficiency of our teams while they were preparing the trauma unit and the rest of the CEM for the wounded. We were told to expect at least 10 wounded.

In the trauma unit, nurses were preparing all the beds, including the one in the "VIP suite", arranging additional materials in the various bays of the unit. X ray technicians prepared their equipment and rolled in additional mobile machines. Admission secretaries prepared the required forms and stickers they will fill later when the wounded arrived.

Next to the CEM control station, head nurses of the night and morning shifts were arranging a partial evacuation of patients from the ER to inpatient departments. Ilana and Tsippi, the two control operators were alerting various on duty physicians to arrive to the CEM. Security guards prepared for their duty.

The CEM which is very quiet at this early hour of the day sounded and looked like a bee heave.

Then the wounded arrived one by one. 10 came in MDA ambulances and one by helicopter. All of them were Palestinians from the west Bank on their way to work. Their vehicle hit another car. All of them suffered from light or moderate bruises. Within minutes they were all under treatment in the trauma unit, or in ER. All of them will probably be discharged later on today.

A young woman who was driving another car also arrived at the CEM, suffering from shock with no physical injury. An HMO employee, she was treated in the ER by a social worker.Two hours later, the CEM looked like nothing happened, continuing to treat "regular" patients.

Date: 3/22/2012 12:00:00 AM

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