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Davidson Tower News - 3.26.12

Very quietly and efficiently, the Orthopedic Department moved this morning into the 5th floor of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. The move was very typical of the modest but very high level of excellence that characterizes this department. Preparations were made well in advance. Early this morning nurses and maintenance people started this "Exodus", helping patients to get ready and pack, preparing mobile computers with the medical records and much more.

Ron Krumer, Director of External Relations decided to travel with Shoshana Navaro who is recovering from a hip replacement surgery. She was pushed while doing her weekly shopping at the market, fell down and broke her hip. Although she had to wait for to days in the ER because there was no vacant bed in the department and all OR's were occupied, she was one very happy customer, praising Hadassah physicians and nurses.

On route to her new room she told me that it was her second time at Hadassah. Some 10 years ago she was among the more than 130 people who were injured when the ceiling of the Versailles wedding hall collapsed. She then broke her entire Pelvis. Prof. Iri Liebergall and Prof. Mosheiff were her surgeons then and now. "I wouldn't go anywhere else" she said.

On our way to the Tower we crossed the newly renovated Ultrasound center and Shoshana asked me – "Are we there yet?" Then, we crossed over the bridge connecting with the Tower and arrived at the elevators. Shoshana and her son could not hide their enthusiasm. When we arrived at the fifth floor her eyes were opened wide to the sight of spacious lighted beautiful department. The nurses there looked as if they were always there. Inside her new room Shoshana told her son: "This is like a hotel. I'm not sure I want to go home".

Good Bye, head nurse Lea and the old department

Don't forget anything!!

Leaving the old department

The bridge to the tower

Entering the new room

No explanation is needed

Welcome from head nurse Gila

Prof. Mosheiff drops bye
Date: 3/26/2012 12:00:00 AM

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