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Rare Pregnancy at Hadassah Medical Center

Fetus was under the Kidney – Woman Saved at Hadassah


A 30 years old Cypriot woman who became pregnant after IVF treatment was saved after a complicated surgery at Hadassah, as the fetus was growing outside her uterus. Her local physician in Cyprus called Hadassah for help when he couldn't locate the fetus and the woman's life was in danger.

Our physicians recommended that she was taken to Hadassah immediately, and the Hadassah international outreach arm took off again.

Prof. David Linton, director of the internal medicine ICU, who is also a pilot, flew to Cyprus with a Hadassah team and special equipment and brought the woman to Israel. Upon arriving at Hadassah she underwent a series of tests. The obstetricians led by Prof. Neri Laufer could not find the fetus in the uterus, and not even in the woman's Fallopian tube. A further ultrasound test conducted by them discovered the fetus under a kidney, next to a large blood vessel. According to medical literature, this is the second case of this type ever reported.

The growing fetus could tear her aorta and kill her. It was a real drama. The only way to save the woman's life was to terminate the pregnancy. This was a complicated surgery in itself. When it was over the woman started to bleed heavily which endangered her kidney. Vascular surgeons were called in, together with Radiologists and general surgeons. During the operation, the surgeons discovered that the uterus has already damaged several blood vessels, and even penetrated the envelope of her abdomen. In a 48 hours surgery (!!!!), the Hadassah team was able to control the bleeding and save the woman's life without damaging her kidney.

"The incidence of a general Ectopic Pregnancy is between 0.5% - 1%", says Prof. Laufer. "IVF Ectopic Pregnancies are more prevalent, 2%-5%. However, usually in these cases the uterus is within the Fallopian tube, and it is very rare to find the uterus within the abdomen", he adds and concludes: "Unfortunately we had to terminate the pregnancy but it enabled us to save the woman's life".

Date: 3/28/2012 12:00:00 AM

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