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2012 Nancy Falchuk Nursing Scholarships Awarded at Hadassah University Medical Center

Left to right: Odeya Tel-Tzur, Orly Picker Rotem, Deputy Director General of Nursing and Human Resources; Yehudit Lalum-Har'el; Prof. Ehud Kokia, Hadassah University Medical Center Director General; Sigalit Caspi; Nancy Falchuk; and Meirav Kiviti

Ms. Tel-Tzur has been an emergency room nurse since 2000. During the last two years, she has led a working group within a large project concerning staff members' perception of the Shift Head Nurse. Ms. Kiviti began her career at Hadassah in 1990 in the Department of Surgery. A specialist in Oncology Nursing, Ms. Kiviti recently completed an Israel Ministry of Health course on the use of cannabis for medical purposes. She is leading a project regarding the expansion of nurses' authority to give certain additional treatment to patients.

Ms. Lalum-Har'el, who began her Hadassah career in 1976, has been a nurse in the emergency room and the departments of pediatrics and epidemiology. She has worked as head nurse in the outpatient clinic since 1994. For the last two years, she has led a research project investigating the relationship between weight loss and the long-term success of bariatric surgery. Ms. Caspi has been a nurse in general surgery, intensive care, and the operating room since she began at Hadassah in 1983. She has served as the Emergency Room Head Nurse since 2002. She is recognized for creating an "esprit des corps" within a team of veteran and young staff.

Date: 3/28/2012 12:00:00 AM

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