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April 17th is Equal Pay Day!

Wear RED Tomorrow for Equal Pay Day!

Fact: A woman with comparable education and experience earns only 77 cents, compared to every dollar made by her male counterparts. That's an average of over $10,000 in lost wages every year!

Fact: It takes an extra two days—until Tuesday of the following week—for a woman to earn what a man made the week prior.

Fact: It takes an extra four months—until April of the following year—for a woman to earn what a man made the year before.

Women and men will mark Equal Pay Day tomorrow—observed purposely on a Tuesday in April—by dressing in RED, a symbol of women's lost wages.

Hadassah strongly supports the adoption and strict enforcement of pay equity laws to reduce the wage gap and ensure better economic security for women. Show your support for pay equity and get America's women out of the RED!

Wear RED tomorrow and make sure that your friends, family and co-workers know why!

Urge Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, via the Hadassah National Action Center.

Spread the word about Equal Pay Day and the Paycheck Fairness Act in chapter bulletins, letters to local media, and through Facebook and Twitter. (Hashtags: #fairpay, #wagegap, #closeit & #pfa)

Check out additional resources on pay equity from Hadassah's coalition partners:

Hadassah Women Go Red!
In support of Equal Pay for Women Day, Hadassah women from Tampa proudly wear red during a trip to their state capitol.
Names from left to right: Linda Deitcher, Barbara Schlossman, Sherry Dub, Betty Dubman, Sandi Burman

Date: 4/16/2012 12:00:00 AM

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