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Get Out and Vote! - Election Day 2012

On November 6, Americans will elect a President, the full U.S. House of Representatives, one-third of the U.S. Senate, eleven state governors, and many other local officials. Hadassah urges its Members, Associates, and supporters to exercise their right to vote and encourage friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to do the same!

Check with your state election offices about polling locations, possible state or local ballot initiatives, and other election details. For those in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy, please be aware that some polling places may be changed. For additional information about Hadassah's history and support of civic engagement, see Hadassah's policy statements and recent election alerts.

Civic Participation Policy Statements
Hadassah has always promoted civic responsibility among its members and has long supported the unobstructed access to voting and other political processes for all individuals and groups regardless of race, religion, gender, or creed. Read more>>>

Women's Equality Day 2012
August 26, 2012 marked 92 years since the institution of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. In 1971, Congresswoman—and Hadassah Member—Bella Abzug championed the creation of Women's Equality Day to commemorate the amendment's institution. Read more >>>

National Voter Registration Day
September 25 was National Voter Registration Day and the perfect time to learn about Hadassah's history and commitment to civic participation. Founded during the height of the women's suffrage movement, Hadassah has a long history supporting civic engagement for its members and the electorate as a whole. The suffrage movement influenced and inspired Hadassah's leaders and policies. Read more >>>

Date: 11/5/2012 12:00:00 AM

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