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Gilad Shalit

[Gilad Shalit] was kidnapped four long years ago...four years of endless suffering and agony. To the hostage, time itself is torture. It becomes an enemy. Filled with uncertainty, his time is different from ours. His waiting is not like ours. His minutes are longer than ours. When will all good, decent and sensitive men and women mobilize their energy to put an end to this human scandal? They must be made to realize that their silence only helps the jailer, never the prisoner.

– Elie Wiesel

On August 28, Gilad will mark his 24th birthday – his fifth in captivity. Two weeks later, while Jews across the world celebrate Rosh Hashanah with family and friends, Gilad remains alone and his family will be all too aware of their missing son and brother. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations is launching a new website, www.giladgreetings.org, to provide people across the United States, in Israel and around the world a vehicle to express their solidarity with Gilad and his family.

In addition to virtual birthday and/or Rosh Hashanah messages to Gilad, visitors to the site can view a video about Gilad’s plight, access background information, read Elie Wiesel’s recent message and view Congressional resolutions on Gilad’s behalf. For additional information, you can also view Nancy Falchuk’s November 2009 Podcast, an interview with Gilad’s father Noam Shalit.

The Conference is also working with the JCC Association, Magen David Adom and others to provide local “mailboxes” where people can drop hand-made and printed cards for delivery to the Conference of Presidents. The Conference of Presidents will collect all the messages and cards and deliver them to the International Committee of the Red Cross with the demand that Hamas allow the ICRC to visit and deliver the messages to Gilad in accordance with international humanitarian law.

Please help spread the word about www.giladgreetings.org and urge your friends and family to visit the site and send a message to Gilad.

Date: 8/18/2010 12:00:00 AM

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