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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu & Quartet Representative Tony Blair Announce Series of Israeli Steps Toward Peace

Embassy of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu & Quartet Representative Tony Blair Announce Series of Israeli Steps Toward Peace

**Press Release**
February 4, 2011 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, together with Quartet Representative Tony Blair, announced last night a series of steps that Israel will take to enhance stability and advance economic prosperity with the Palestinian Authority, ultimately contributing to peace and security in the region. The broad framework of Israel's plan includes:

1.      Steps to advance the economic growth in the Palestinian areas

2.      Steps to make Gaza independent of Israeli infrastructure 

3.      Steps to diversify gas supplies and develop additional energy sources in the future

The concrete measures Israel plans to take include:

*         An extension of Palestinian Authority security presence in Area B on the West Bank - with seven towns approved in principle.

*         An agreement to fast-track the construction or reconstruction of schools and health clinics in Area C  on the basis of plans submitted by the Palestinian Authority and the Quartet Office.

*         Granting West Bank identification cards to 5,000 Gaza-registered residents of the West Bank.

*         An agreement to quickly resolve outstanding revenue collection issues between the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority Finance Ministries.

*         An agreement to revive discussions on the "Gaza Marine" gas field project, with approval in principle to supply Palestinian offshore gas to Gaza power plants and the approval of a new power station in Gaza.

*         An agreement to establish mobile desalination plants to meet Gaza's needs for clean water, and the approval in principle for a permanent desalination plant.

*         Approval for all the sanitation and water treatment plants necessary for Gaza.  The Government of Israel agreed to facilitate and support the entry of construction materials to enable projects to be completed on schedule.

*         An agreement on further measures to promote Gaza exports, especially in furniture, textiles, and agriculture. In February, the Israeli Government will transfer 40,000 tons of aggregates into Gaza.

*         Future approval of another 20 named construction projects. The aim is to begin a pilot project for private sector construction materials by April 1, 2011.

*         Israel has agreed to encourage the implementation of all projects that abide by municipal regulations that will improve infrastructure in East Jerusalem for Palestinians, particularly in housing, with two projects already approved. 

For a complete transcript of the announcement, please click here
Date: 2/10/2011 12:00:00 AM

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