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Centennial Celebrations

(L to r) Netanel Draiblate of Lansdale, Pa., concertmaster with the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra; honoree Anna E. Greenberg of Annapolis; and featured speaker Sandra Goldstein of Potomac.

Annapolis Chapter of Hadassah

On March 30, the Annapolis Chapter of Hadassah celebrated the centennial anniversary of Hadassah with a luncheon honoring Anna E. Greenberg. She was recognized with Centennial certificates from the Region and National Boards for her vision, leadership, achievements, dedication and service to Hadassah. National Board Member Sandra Goldstein was the featured speaker. Netanel Draiblate, the concertmaster with the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, presented a short program of violin music.

Roz Abraham

Greater Cleveland Chapter Chapter of Hadassah

Even though the Greater Cleveland Chapter no longer has an official office, the members continue to be dedicated to the ideals of Hadassah. On Sunday, May 20, the chapter hosted a celebratory Centennial Birthday brunch to honor the accomplishments of Hadassah and present the Centennial Award to life member, Roz Abraham. At that time, Roz described Hadassah as "an integral part of my life. Hadassah and my love of Israel go hand-in-hand. I am so proud of the medical breakthroughs occurring at the Hadassah Medical Center and the superb quality of care given to each patient."

As part of the Centennial Birthday celebration, artifacts from the Cleveland Jewish Archives at the Western Reserve Historical Society, along with some memorabilia from the national Hadassah office were exhibited. Included in this was a letter written in 1914 by Dr. I.J. Biskind to Henrietta Szold, along with her reply in 1916. Dr. Biskind became the second president of the Cleveland Chapter. There was also a copy of a memoir written by former Clevelander Rae Landy, one of the first nurses who went to Israel to serve in a medical capacity.

Teri Junker, President of the Central States Region of Hadassah, was the special guest speaker. Violinist and Hadassah Associate Greg Berlin provided the musical entertainment.

Plymouth, MA Chapter

On March 22, 2012, fourteen enthusiastic women from the Plymouth, MA Chapter, along with Traveling Henrietta, had a wonderful time celebrating Hadassah's centennial birthday.

The group gathered for hors d'oeuvres and played a great ice-breaker game. Each person drew a card, which specified a time period (a year up to a decade). She briefly shared with the rest of the group what had been going on in her life at that time. Then she read from the card some details of what was happening with Hadassah during that same time period. It was a wonderful way to learn more about Hadassah's history and achievements, as well as hear about their friends' histories and what details they found most important in their own lives.

Following a delicious pot-luck dinner and socializing, they gathered for a meaningful Torch lighting ceremony (see below). All the women participated in the ceremony by pairing up and each reading one of the lines. While they enjoyed a special birthday cake with a Centennial Torch, they played a Hadassah trivia game, which included information about Hadassah and the Plymouth Chapter. What a wonderful, fun celebration, with everyone learning more about Hadassah and about each other! Each woman left with a Hadassah goodie-bag containing some Hadassah literature, a Hadassah pencil, a Hadassah candy bar, and a renewed sense of camaraderie and dedication to this wonderful organization.

Torch Ceremony

"Partners with Israel for Life" is indeed an apt motto for Hadassah's Centennial Year Celebration. Over the course of 100 years, we have created and maintained hospitals and a health care system through the Hadassah Medical Organization, saved and educated Israel's children through Youth Aliyah and Hadassah College, planted trees, built dams and reservoirs with the Jewish National Fund, and brought our own children closer to Israel through Young Judea.

We honored this 100-year partnership by lighting symbolic torches on Mt. Herzl. The light of those torches is with us as we light our own, here today.
This torch symbolizes all that we share; from member to member, leader to leader, mother to child, and generation to generation.

We light this torch

  • to symbolize the healing and the loving, peaceful light that Hadassah brings to Israel.
  • to symbolize the illumination Hadassah sheds on America.
  • to symbolize the vital life force Hadassah brings to the people of the world.
  • to symbolize friendship between women and friendship among nations.
  • to symbolize the family that is Hadassah.

In honor of all these things, and along with Hadassah chapters all over the country, we have lit this Centennial Torch celebrating the 100th birthday of Hadassah.

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