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Menda Promenade Dedicated at Convention

Guests together at the dedication of the Menda Promenade, gifted to Hadassah by Nelson and brenda Menda from Puerto Rico, in honor of their five children.
Brenda and Nelson Menda, Barbara Goldstein, Helene Ohayon and Debbie Levine.
Brenda and Nelson Menda unveil the Menda Promenade.

The Menda Promenade, gifted to Hadassah by Nelson and Brenda Menda from Puerto Rico in honor of their five children, was dedicated on Monday at the Moshe Saba Masri Synagogue.
The promenade is used by 30,000 people every day as they pass from the shopping mall to the main hospital building in Ein Kerem.

Barbara Goldstein, deputy director of Hadassah's Israel Office, welcomed the Menda family and their friends observing how wonderful it was to have such a vibrant couple who could inspire other young people to become part of the Hadassah mission.
"We say in Judaism that we go from kodesh to kodesh – we increase something that is sacred. Brenda and Nelson embody this in the sacred task they have undertaken to help Hadassah," she said.

She praised "this fulfillment of a journey that has taken you here and now will bring your children for generations to come."

Tali Dowek, director of the Donors and Events Department, told the Mendas how much she benefitted from the new promenade pavilion, which was just outside her office. The new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower brought serenity to the hospital, which cared for all the people of Jerusalem, she said.

She remarked that while Hadassah was always at the cutting edge in research and in medical care, with the new tower it was now also at the cutting edge in its facilities, and the tower and its pavilion would bring regeneration and new energy to staff and patients.

Representing the Menda family, Brenda Menda said, "Hadassah for me is a passion." She told those assembled that she had recently lost two dear friends to cancer, and she harbored a secret hope that Hadassah research would find a cure for cancer.

"If you give people the necessary tools, they can do wonders," she said.

She acknowledged that giving to others was a two-way process.

"There is no better feeling in the world than when you help somebody else, and God gives you back blessings for what is important to you."

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