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Hadassah Doctor Visits Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Bonnie Juran-Ullner, Cincinnati Chapter President, Dr. Oded Volovelsky, and Carol Ann Schwartz, National Board Member.

Oded Volovelsky, from the Pediatric Department of Hadassah Hospital, Bloomberg Mother and Child Center was in Cincinnati visiting with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and interviewing for a fellowship in nephrology Wednesday.

Oded has studied the parathyroid gland and his research specializes in pediatric kidney failure and the effects on a child's bones. His research has found a number of pediatric health issues, including: a higher percentage of broken bones and a lower quality of life. Cincinnati Children's Hospital contacted him interested in his research and invited him to come to Cincinnati.

He has had numerous research papers published, including his research on fatty liver disease in obese children and it's relation to other metabolic risk factors.

While in Cincinnati, Oded met with Cincinnati Chapter President, Bonnie Juran-Ullner and National Board member, Carol Ann Schwartz. They had the opportunity to ask him about his research and what he hopes to gain from this potential fellowship. Oded responded, "They want me here for my research and I am interested in the Clinical opportunities that Cincinnati Children's can offer to me and in turn I can take back to Hadassah Hospital."

The nephrology fellowship is a three-year fellowship. The ultimate outcome would be to establish a Pediatric Nephrology Department at Hadassah Hospital in the Bloomberg Mother and Child Center.
Oded Volovelsky's visit is a continuing part of the partnership between Hadassah Medical Organization and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Visit the Cincinnati Chapter website here>>

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