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Head of Hadassah Pediatric Urology Visits Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Carol Ann Schwartz, National Board member, Dr. Ezekiel Landau

Dr. Pramod Reddy, Chief of the Urology Center, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Dr. Ezekiel Landau after a day in the O.R.

Dr. Marc Levitt, Director of the Colorectal Center, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Dr. Ezekiel Landau after a day in the O.R.

Dr. Ezekiel Landau (Hezi), Director of the Pediatric Urology Department of Hadassah Hospital, Bloomberg Mother and Child Center, recently visited the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. He spent time with many of the Senior staff at Cincinnati Children's including Dr. Marc Levitt, the Director of the Colorectal Center and Dr. Pramod Reddy the Chief of the Urology.

Dr. Landau came to the United States for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) meeting.

When asked why he wanted to visit Cincinnati Children's Hospital, he said "I like to visit a pediatric urology center following the AAP meeting and I know the Chief of Urology and General Surgery. They are utilizing the daVinci here (for robotic surgery) and performing some unique operations at Cincinnati Children's."

He was very complimentary about Cincinnati Children's and the relationship with Hadassah Hospital, "You have a leading center here and we have a wonderful relationship with Hadassah. I was able to spend a day in the O.R. yesterday with Dr. Levitt and today I was in the O.R. with Dr. Reddy and Dr. Gene Minevich. These are unique experiences that I would not be able to get elsewhere. Dr. Levitt will be in Israel in December and I will see him again then."

While in Cincinnati, Hezi met with Cincinnati Chapter President, Bonnie Juran-Ullner and National Board member, Carol Ann Schwartz. They had the opportunity to ask him about his research and what he hopes to gain from this visit. Hezi responded, "Everyone has been so welcoming me here. I am looking forward to taking what I have learned in the operating room and taking it back to Hadassah."

Ullner commented, "It is so impressive knowing that you were able to spend so much time in the operating room with all of these departments."

Hezi commented that this was his first visit with any Hadassah leadership in the United States, Schwartz added, "We will make sure that this won't be your last!"

Hezi Landau's visit is a continuing part of the partnership between Hadassah Medical Organization and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

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Date: 11/6/2012 12:00:00 AM
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