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Message from our President

Dear Friends,

     I hope everyone had a "zissen Pesach."  (I did).  

     Our last meeting before the summer will be on May 20th.  It should be an interesting one, plus the added plus in seeing each other again before the fall.

     Once again, you will be getting a form, from Susan Moser, during the summer, for High Holiday greetings. This is not only a fund raiser, but a way you can send a greeting to all.  So look for the flyer.

     I know that everyone is concerned with how OUR hospitals in Israel are doing.  Yes, they are still having a problem getting support from the Israeli government, but the hospitals are still operating, research is still continuing and patients are being cared for.  Hadassah must continue with our support and funds.  I encourage each of you to help in that support.  We have many programs that you could participate in such as the new Chai program.  For as little as $15.00 a month, or $180.00 a year you would help Hadassah.

     There are many other programs which you can  participate in:  Annuities, Israel Bonds, Yahrzeit to name but a few.   If you are interested in any of these, please call me or speak to me.  I can put you in touch with the persons who can explain everything to your advantage and also Hadassah's.

     Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting,




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