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Choosing a Mitzvah Project for Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah

When fundraising for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Projects, make sure to let everyone know what your fundraiser is for! Direct them to your "myMitzvah Project" page and tell them about Hadassah and why you feel it is important to help!

Use email and Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter (only with your parents' permission!) to get the word out about your fundraiser.

Like Basketball? Set up a Free Shot Contest. Ask friends and family to sponsor you and your friends with a dollar amount for every free shot that is made within a certain time period.

Play Music? Have a "Battle of the Bands" Bash! Invite your friends to participate. Sell tickets to friends and family.

Listen to Music? Many people have CD's they no longer listen to. Collect CD's from friends, family and neighbors and have a sale! Pass out flyers and send emails to publicize! (This can work with DVD's of movies, too!)

Budding Chef? Organize a Bake Sale with your friends! Put out flyers in your neighborhood, email the date, time and place to everyone you know and ask them to do the same!

Enjoy Crafts? Make beautiful beaded bracelets or other jewelry pieces to sell to friends and family. A beautiful way to help an important cause!

Create a partnership with a local ice cream or bake shop. Ask them to create a special flavor for you and that the profits from that flavor will go to your mitzvah project. Ask everyone you know to take everyone they know and buy the flavor. The shop will benefit from new people coming in and you and your friends will benefit Hadassah!

Into fitness? Ask friends and family to sponsor you for every sit up, push up, or rope jump you do in a given period of time. Or organize a walk or bikeathon where your participants ask people to sponsor them for a given amount for each mile they walk or ride.

Share your successful fundraising ideas to help other Bar & Bat Mitzvah students! Email your ideas to: frservices@hadassah.org