We are delighted that you have reached the SaBra chapter website. We are a vibrant, diversified Hadassah chapter made up of members representing women from all ages, backgrounds, and interests. We are mothers, daughters, and grandmothers, doctors, attorneys, nurses, teachers, social workers, professionals, students, and retirees. Whether we work outside or at home we share a common goal. From here you will be able to read our President’s Message, learn about popular ongoing programs, and check our local events. To learn more about our chapter, browse through the website. If you have any questions, send an email to lruggles.sabra@gmail.com.

Make sure you check our Events page...lots of great things happening!

 You’re invited to become a Charter Member of Hadassah’s Chai society. 

Choose Where to Make Your Impact

 As little as $15 or $30 a month for the area of your choice.

The annual commitment is for as long as you are able.

$15/month = 50ȼ/day!

Questions? Contact Lee Ruggles ... 941-924-1338 or lruggles.sabra@gmail.com

(Sunday through Friday)


Memebership Information: 

Note from Elaine Nutlay -

I have 74 women on my Snowbirdslist. I need to know if youre still a seasonal resident or if you are in the area perma-nently. Please call or email me to verify or correct that information.


Elaine Nutlay, co-Records Administrator


For membership renewal, change of address or transfer membership please contact Elaine Nutlay at 941-907-8457 or ern918@gmail.com.

For new membership information please contact Adrea Sukin at 941-929-0115 or asukin@aol.com








Featured Pages

National News

  • Educational Conference in Israel Marks World Down Syndrome Day
  • As part of World Down Syndrome Day, about 100 people participated in a conference at Hadassah Hospital-Mount Scopus on April 6, 2014, affording families of patients with Down syndrome from all over Israel an opportunity to meet with eminent specialists.
  • Support Fair Pay for Women & Families
  • Women make 77 cents to a man’s dollar and a single mother of two working full-time at minimum-wage is living nearly $4,000 below the federal poverty line. America’s women and families are worth more and they deserve better!
  • Building Bridges to Peace through Medicine
  • The rationale for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel is based on generalities—many of them uninformed—about how different populations live, work, study, and co-exist in the region.

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