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2014 Board of Directors and Activity Chairmen

President: Cherryll Lieberman

Fundraising Vice President:
Audrey Lavi
Ad Book /Directory:
Ad Book /Jewels: Holli Berry
Ad Book /Bookkeeping: Jackie Zehden
Cards and Certificates: Marcia Schwartz
Donor Records: Cathy Glen-Puschett
Fundraising Appeal: Gail Slater

Membership Vice President: Rachel Leon
Records Administrator: Rachel Leon
Membership Lunch:  Linda Wicks and Eileen Washer

Education Vice President: Loretta Fertel

Program Vice President:
Dine & Discuss:
Baking for Hospice: Lisa Mitchell

Communications Vice President: Joyce Gronich
Bulletin: Joyce Gronich
Event Notification E-mail: Helen Pearlmutter
Technology and Web Administrator: Joyce Gronich
Facebook: Haidi Appel

Treasurer: Jane Warach

Recording Secretary:
Lisa Mitchell

Kacy Spivack 

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