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Message from the Presidents


July 2014

Dear Hadassah Women,

An article from bestselling leadership and innovation speaker Scott Steinberg written on June 09, 2014 sounded apropos to what Richmond Hadassah has experienced as we consolidated and grew over the past 3 ½ years.  The article is called "Five Reasons Why Diversity is Crucial for Success," and can be found in its entirety here:http://exclusive.multibriefs.com/content/5-reasons-why-diversity-is-crucial-for-success.

The article's overriding theme is that "only through the support of our colleagues and teamwork can we be most effective." And it is always important to remember that we must all strive to court diversity on our team, even if people's opinions run counter to ours. Why is diversity so important?  According to the writer, there are five main reasons:

1. It pays to find your polar opposites:  You want people whose strengths complement yours, not replicate them.

2. You want someone to call your bluff:  A diverse network also provides alternate perspectives, letting you see problems in new ways or recognizing unforeseen opportunities and challenges. Constructive criticism is vital.
3. Connections are crucial:  it’s important to be well-connected. 

4. Breadth matters as much as depth.

5. Learn from others:  If you tap into a diverse network, you get access to novel approaches and insights, allowing challenges to be tackled in new ways. 

Before consolidation Richmond Hadassah, tended to stay within our individual groups and comfort zone.  Even though the majority agreed with consolidation, the reality was we had no idea how to begin the process of learning to work together to unify almost 1000 members into a Chapter.  Under the leadership of Susie Adolf and Debbie Leo we began the long road to success. We had to challenge ourselves and each other to tap into the diverse personalities and skill sets of our members and blend them into a cohesive unit.  People who did not know each other began to meet and strategize to meet the common good of our Richmond Hadassah. New friendships were made.  Newer members began taking on responsibilities while long time members offered to help and mentor. 

It has been a long journey but we believe we are truly on our way.   

So, members of Richmond Hadassah, continue to support and encourage all of the activities and events your fellow members are developing – all members are encouraged to contact a board member and say “I want to help!”  We will find a place for you where you can shine in your diversity!  Lots of members, from all walks of life, working towards our commitment to Israel and its people, health initiatives, personal growth, education, advocacy and Jewish continuity is putting Richmond Hadassah on the map!  Thank you, fellow members for your support, commitment and dedication.   

We have excellent programs planned for the future and we look forward to seeing you there! Thank you for all you do! Find them all listed here.  

Lee Bank and Sally Goldberg
Richmond Hadassah Co-Presidents

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