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This year’s raffles to be awarded at our luncheonon May 19th will be split into three levels – one dollar, three dollars, and five dollars.  The one dollar tickets are for prizes worth $10-$49; three dollar tickets can win prizes worth $50-$99; and the five dollar tickets are for prizes worth $100 or more.  We will give away the highest level first, and then the remaining $5 tickets will be added to the $3 tickets for the middle priced prizes.  Finally, all remaining tickets will be added to the $1 tickets for the drawing of the $10-$49 prizes.  So, if you buy a ticket for $5, you will have many more chances of winning a prize. 


           Are you looking for raffles prizes and selling raffles tickets? We already have many wonderful gifts to give away including: a wine tasting for up to 10 people at Lynfred Winery, valued at $300; a beer tasting and tour of RAM Restaurant for up to 10 people, valued at $150; Chicago Bagel & Baialy Gift certificate valued at 100.00, Spa Gift basket valued at 100.00, Med Spa gift certificate valued at 100.00, Nibble Play Cafe Card Valued at 60.00, Zimmerman true Value at 25.00, Dengoes  valued at 25.00 Sunset Foods valued at 25.00,  $25 for Johnny’s Kitchen; Restaurants, Bait café valued at 10.00,  manicures, and more.  Don’t forget to take our request letter with you when you stop at your favorite places.  Once you get a raffle prize, please e-mail Denise Gutterman at “mailto:moocow22@att.netmoocow22@att.net” with a list of the prizes and their worth. Each prize earns you $5 in donor credit.  Please turn in all prizes to Denise Gutterman before ourMay 19th luncheon.   Please try to have all prizes in before May 14th


                Please be sure to cut them apart before mailing them with the appropriate money to Wendy Morowitz.  You will receive donor credit equal to the amount of the money you turn in with the tickets.  If you need more copies of the letter orraffle tickets, please contact Wendy Morowitz


  COST PER RAFFLE TICKET is $1, $3, or $5. 

Please send your completed CUT TICKETS AND MONEY to: 

Wendy Morowitz 700 Quincy Bridge ln GlenviewIL 60025

Wendy’s E-mail wendymorowitz@yahoo.com Phone: 847-627-9502 


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