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Fundraising - Count The Ways

How can you make a gift to Hadassah (tax deductible, of course)? Let me count the ways! Hadassah takes cash, checks, credit cards, stocks and bonds; Hadassah can arrange payment plans, suited to the needs of each donor. And Hadassah can even provide you with an interest bearing annuity – pay now, take the tax deduction now, and you and Hadassah will earn money together later. 

How does Hadassah recognize gifts? Let me count the ways! Hadassah recognition ranges from a simple thank you note to a building, and all things in between, including certificates, name and wall plaques. At certain giving levels, a donor can be the proud owner of conversation generating jewelry, ranging from the simple David’s Harp of a Keeper of the Gate to circular, jeweled myrtle wreath of a Founder. 

How does Hadassah spend the money? The best gift to Hadassah is an unrestricted gift that will be used in the area of greatest need. Sometimes this is the hospital or a special unit in the hospital; other times it is Hadassah College or Youth Aliyah or perhaps Young Judaea. Since Hadassah is now in the process of completing an incredible Tower, there are many opportunities to make a special gift to further enhance the leading medical center in the Middle East. 

What occasions are appropriate for gifts to Hadassah? Let me count the ways! Every new baby can become a life member or an associate (and receive a special baby gift) and, if missed at birth, there is no better way to honor a Bat or Bar Mitzvah (at any age). Honor someone’s college graduation, engagement, wedding, special birthday, anniversary,

or accomplishment with a gift to Hadassah in their honor, or just treat yourself with a gift to Hadassah. A gift to Hadassah is an all occasion present that makes the giver, the recipient, and the world better. 

How does Hadassah raise funds? Hadassah employs every vehicle possible from dinners to direct solicitation. A variety of techniques is needed to reach every potential donor in a way that makes it comfortable for them to give. One of the keys to successful fundraising is to always remember to ask.

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