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 "Mazel Tov to Us" says Linda Freedman Block for an outstanding job recruiting new members last year. Kol hakavod (all the honor) especially to the units that reached or exceeded their goals:

Exceeded Goal by 36% or more: Houston Chapter, Kadima Chapter, San Antonio Chapter, Herzl Group (Dallas), Kinneret Group (Houston), Machar Group (Houston), Pearl Group (Houston)

Met or exceeded Goal: Chapters: Austin, Baytown, Dallas, Ft. Worth, McAllen Valley, Permian Basin, Heart of Texas, Tyler. Groups: Anne Frank, Annie Leff, Avital, Chai, Emma Lazarus, Ma-Arav, Marc Chagall, Mazal (in Houston Chapter); Leah Goot (in San Antonio Chapter)

Don't Stop Now! Here's How to Keep It Going...

The “$212 for 2012” Membership Special is a wonderful opportunity to keep growing! Plus new Life Members receive a fabulous thank you gift – the beautiful key necklace that was only available last year for a $100 donation. Life Membership will go back up to $360 on January 1, 2013. Associate Membership for men and boys is also $212 (regular price is $300). Questions? Comments? Ideas? Contact LInda at Lindafreedmanblock@gmail.com



Have you held a phonathon? Do one every month! Call from an office or a home. Prepare lists of prospective members to be called so that any volunteer can work for any amount of time.  Create a Membership Team. This is not a one person job! Phone as a group or phone on your own time.  Have you gotten organized? Cross reference directories and rosters. Create spreadsheets or index cards with names to call.   

DO NOT WAIT FOR NEW MEMBERS TO FALL INTO YOUR LAP!  There are thousands of women who have never been asked! Mothers and grandmothers are happy to sign up their daughters and granddaughters BUT someone has to tell them about the special and ASK!! Call all the groups below or select a few target groups.  

January - call every Annual member and ask them to upgrade to Life.

February - call every grandmother and ask her to make her grandchildren Life Members or Associates.

March -call parents of current and former Young Judaeans. Contact CYJ camp Director Frank Silberlicht at frank@cyjtexas.org for lists of campers.

April - call parents of children in Jewish day schools. Cross reference school directories for names.

May - call people who have been to Israel.

June - call people who are new to town. Your Federation or local synagogues may be willing to give you those names.

July - call people who are members of other Jewish organizations.

August - call people who are new to Judaism.

September - call adults who have become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

October - call all the men you know and ask them to become Associates.

November - call all the Jewish teachers and clergy in town.

December - call people who have retired who never had time to join before.  

Every month - call your friends, people who like to volunteer, people who love Israel, people who are empty nesters and people who are philanthropic.  


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